Just like  females are extremely conscious about their body sizes and heights,  guys are also very  concerned about their heights.They either feel  awkward about being too tall, or they get self-conscious, especially when they are short.

But the good news is fashionistas have devised several clever ways to solve this issue. Of course, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to stand straight. You can’t aim to appear taller when your posture is fixed in a slouching position, you have to straighten your spine. This is the easiest way to get an extra inch. This is the founding stone on which all the other tricks are based. If your posture is faulty, then putting  these tricks to practice  won’t work for you.

Haven noted this down, here are some very important fashion tricks  to make you appear taller than you really are:

1. Avoid horizontal striped shirts
Of course, this point had to come first. In fact, you should make horizontal striped shirts your ‘frenemy’. This is because they do nothing to flatter your figure. If you want to appear shorter and wider, and then lose a few precious inches off your height, you can wear them but if you are aiming to appear taller, you have to stay away from them, no matter how nice they look. Vertical striped shirts are more ideal, whether as dress shirts or as t-shirts. Vertical stripes elongate your structure, making you look taller.

2. Wear your pants/trousers at you waist
Most guys prefer their trousers riding low on their hips, instead of on their waist. If you want to appear taller, try wearing your trousers on your waist, and not on your hips. This would make the trousers appear longer, and in the same vain, make you look taller. In case you might be wondering, your waist is above your hips, just underneath your navel. Trousers that sit well on your waist elongate your silhouette.

3. Go for shorter shirts
Rather than wear shirts that are so long that they are almost at mid-thigh, go for shorter shirts. For clarity sake, go for shirts that do not cover your groin area completely. Wearing a longer shirt would drape across your body and make you look as though you are wearing someone else’s clothes. Shorter shirts will elongate your body proportions, making you appear taller.

4. Wear monochrome frequently
When going for events, especially when you have to dress formally, dress in clothes with just one color line. This is to avoid any line breaks in your body that might affect your body proportions and make you appear shorter. Avoid all blacks though, they make you look weird. Instead go for colors like navy blue, grey, e.t.c.

If possible, avoid belts. Because belts cause obvious line breaks on the body, and you need to avoid those, you have to forgo belts and stick to suspenders instead. If you really have to wear them, go for belts that are the same color as your pants, this would effectively cancel out any body line breaks that would enhance the short proportioins of your torso and legs.

5. Change your hairstyle
It might seem inconsequential, but your hairstyle still holds a lot of sway over your height. Instead of skin cuts or extremely low hairstyles, why not go for more fashionable and form fitting hairstyles like punk or afro. If afro doesn’t sit well with you, then try punk. Punk is the modified version of afro. It will make your neck appear longer and this has a lot of effect automatically. Also, the raised hair length will add a few precious inches to your height and make you appear taller than you really are.

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