Just as Wisdom comes with age, so does wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Don’t give up just yet, there’s still time to turn the clock back on some of those fine lines and folds. Alter your regular regimen with a few eye-enhancing creams to improve cell turnover, reduce dark circles and plump the delicate skin under your eyes, leaving you with a smooth, youthful look.
Things You’ll Need

Nighttime eye cream

Hydrating eye serum

Emollient eye cream with hyaluronic acid


Oil-based makeup remover

Step 1

Select a nighttime eye cream that contains collagen-repairing peptides and retinol. Look also for Vitamin C, Vitamin E or idebenone, which are antioxidants that help protect the skin from sun and pollution damage.

Step 2

Pat a pea-size drop of eye cream around your eyes each night with your ring finger. A heavy touch can cause collagen damage over time, and too much cream can create unwanted puffiness.

Step 3

Apply a hydrating eye serum each morning to help improve moisture and prevent makeup from settling into fine lines. Pat an emollient eye cream with hyaluronic acid over the serum to plump skin and fill out wrinkles.

Step 4

Apply daily sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection and a sun protection factor of 30 or higher. Wear sunglasses to prevent further sun damage.

Step 5

Avoid scrubbing the skin around your eyes with washcloths, towels or makeup remover wipes. Instead, wipe gently and use an oil-based makeup remover to avoid capillary damage and further wrinkling.

Step 6

Consult an optometrist to diagnose vision problems if squinting regularly, as squinting causes eye wrinkles.

Step 7

Consult a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for further treatment options, such as injectable fillers to plump out wrinkles or Botox to lift sagging skin. Such treatments can diminish wrinkles for an average of three to six months.

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