Peplums skirt are fun, jolly and unique wears that looks very stunning on ladies. Though they look better on ladies with figure 8 shape as their curves will showcase the beauty in it very well.

Peplum skirt has been around for a while now but came back not to long ago to the fashion industry with a modern twist and looks much simpler and more interesting now.

It comes in various forms, both bolder and more demure shapes and is no longer considered to be a detail to be scared of.

They appear on elegant dresses and jackets, skirts and tops, blouses and pants, shorts and even jumpsuits. Due to many variations, peplums can now be styled in many ways.

If you really want to enjoy your peplum skirts and look great in it, here are some tips to follow:

1. Wear with shapewears

Peplum is amazing for creating a sexy hour-glass figure and if you want that glass to be flawless make sure to wear a high-waisted panty or one-piece shapewear. If that doesn’t help you much, you can always cinch the waist with a belt.
2. Keep your styling simple

Peplum is already an extraordinary detailed piece so try to keep things as simple as possible for the best results. Avoiding bold, eye-catching colors and prints is definitely a great trick. Certainly you can wear vibrant peplum, if you feel much self-confident. Besides, patterned and colorful peplum matched with a dark skirt or dark pants can make your body look smaller. And if you want to create the illusion of a slimmer upper body, go for a bottom featuring colored or patterned peplum.

Here are more tips you need to choose the best peplum skirt and appear stunning

• To accentuate your waist, go for a peplum on a jacket that is short and cute and that ends right above your hips. Use a belt.

• To add volume to the hips, think a skirt or a dress with puffy and fancy peplum that ends in the mid-section of your hips.

• To make the hips look narrower, try to find a sleek peplum with no volume. It should end after the widest part of your hips.

• To make your large bust look smaller, wear a skirt with darker color on peplum and a lighter color underneath.

• To get a slimming effect, opt for a total black outfit with a peplum.

• To balance your body proportions right, avoid A-line skirts with peplums. Only pencil skirts will be the trick.

• To make sure you don’t look short in the peplum, avoid long skirts or dresses with this detail. The hem of your skirt or dress should hit above the knee and just below it.

What to wear with peplum

To make sure your figure looks ideal in peplum, it’s important to know with what item you are wearing it. The vintage trend is to wear peplum with a pencil skirt, as this way you’ll accentuate the overall silhouette.
However, keep in mind that pencil skirts tend to shorten the legs, so this look is more appropriate for taller girls. And if you are shorter or curvier, a pair of skinnies worn with peplum is the best fit for you. This modern way of wearing the peplum streamlines the lower body and makes it look slimmer. You can even try wide-leg pants.

How to accessorize when wearing a peplum skirt

Since peplum tends to make one look shorter and curvier, it’s advised to wear high heel shoes or platforms with it. Other than that, it’s advised to keep your accessories to a minimum. You can play with waist belts to create the effect you want to.

When you follow these above tips,you will look mesmerizing and sexy in your peplum skirt.

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