This beautiful fashion piece called sweatshirt is sure a staple all fashion lovers should have in their wardrobe.

Sweatshirts are much more than just the comfy clothes you wear when you’re being lazy around the house or when you’re cold.
If styled properly to suit an outing they will make you appear classy and elegant.


Sweatshirts are warm,cozy, comfy and basically perfect. Being able to pair them with skirts, jeans and even heels is the most wonderful part of the piece.

But it is very necessary that you figure out how to style it so that you can look smart and  classy anytime you have them on.

Here are few things you should look out for t before choosing your style.

1. Choose the perfect sweatshirt

Before proceeding to style your sweatshirt, make sure you picked the right kind of sweatshirt. That is, the one that suit your purpose of wearing it. For instance an old hoodie with your school’s logo splashed across the front is obviously going to look much more casual than a sweatshirt with a cute graphic or pattern on it.

2. Ensure your choice is fitted
Secondly , ensure you find the right fit. Something over-sized is going to definitely  look like a lounge-wear, while something more fitted will look more flattering and stylish.

3.Get style inspiration
You need to to look around for styles that fashion lovers and bloggers put up, so as to get your styling inspiration.

After understanding the above 3 tips,  lets  take you through few ways that you can style your sweatshirt:

1. Try layering it

This is a more tailored, feminine take on the trend, and an easy way to try out wearing the look. Get a crew neck sweatshirt and layer it over a collared shirt and pencil skirt or trousers. This is one classy look.

2. Match it with sneakers
Another cool style is to rock your sweatshirt dress with sneaker for daytime outings. Whether you’re looking to go casual to work or class, you can tey this style.

3. Wear it as top
No doubt about it, sweatshirts are incredibly versatile. Another comfy and awesome way to wear your sweatshirt is to use it as top on varieties of down wears. Ranging from jeans or chinos trousers, skirts among others. Also when your weather is cool, you can use a sweatshirt to replace a turtleneck.

4. Match with matching pants
Another outstanding way to rock a sweatshirt is to wear it with matching sweatpants.
As a lady in order to look fashionable with this style, try a interesting color like pastel pink or lilac. You will definitely slay in it as a fashionsta that you are.

5. Pair vintage sweatshirt with short or jeans

A vintage sweatshirt is always a good idea, especially when paired with cool shorts or jeans for a day of running errands. It is a very convenient style.

6. Wear it as a dress with boots
If long enough and comfortable for you,pairing your sweatshirt as a dress with boots is a stunning style.

It is a bold way to wear the trend. You can wear it on weekends. You can also a pair of tight black jeans or leggings.

7. Wear it with skirt
You can try a grey sweatshirt on a dainty, lace pencil skirt,it will appear just perfect! This look is a great mix of feminine and masculine, especially with patent boots. This is a classy style.

Sweatshirts are great fashion pieces, and as a fashion lover you need to add  it to your wardrobe.  But to experience the beauty that comes with it you need to step up your styling game.


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