Nigerian born Afro-fusion star Burna Boy, who has been making waves with his music both locally and internationally had a chat recently with Will Schube of Interview Magazine.

Burna Boy who was referred to as “Drake Approved” in the magazine for featuring on Drake’s More Life mixtape, which he wasn’t credited on, speaks to the magazine about his new mixtape Outside and about his many achievements internationally even before the drake feature happened.

Read excerpts from his interview below:

On musicians that helped influence his Afro-fusion style: Oh boy. Different, different, different, people. First of all, Fela Kuti. The rock side is crazy for me, too. We got The Clash, all of that stuff. There’s also the hip-hop side, the DMXs, the Tupacs, the Big Puns. There’s obviously the U.K. grime side, too. The old school ones. That’s the foundation. Wiley, Skepta, all of that. You get me?

On why his style of music is so appealing to people across the world: I feel like it’s the spirits, man. It’s the real organic feel; especially coming from where I’m from. You get me? I’m Nigerian. I’m African. I have a lot to say. Apart from what I say, though, is the feeling. People can relate to that feeling. It’s a reciprocal relationship. They feed off me and I feed off them.\

On having a fan like Drake in his corner: Yeah, that was wavy! I seen him and he was talking about how he f*cks with me. That was a bit wavy for me. That was what, like last year or 2016? That was wavy for me because I don’t usually pay attention to who’s watching me. But Drake? That’s my guy.

On him always writing and recording: Always, always. That’s what I live for. That’s how I don’t end up sick and die. Did you hear the Fall Out Boy record?! I’m on their album. You should listen to that. It’s the number one album right now. You need to listen to it right now. Like, right now right now. That’s like, that one right there is the dream come true. Fall Out Boy used to be my favorite rock band. Boy, they reached out to me. It was mad, even more than the Drake stuff.

On one musician he wished he could collaborate with: Fela Kuti. That’s who gave us hope, you know? Especially during a time when there was no ounce of hope. He let us know that we could fight, that we could stand up; that you could use music to do that. If you can do that with music … Bro, you’re set.

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