Ladies should be seen as being meticulous and classy anywhere they go. It isn’t lady like to look rough , unclean or disorganized, so  it is necessary that you take care of anything that will ruin your femininity status out there.

A lady should be ready for anything, anyone, and at all times. You have to prepare for the expected and unexpected because you’re  sure going to encounter the two.

Before you step out of your home everyday there are some items you must put in your bag, to ensure you’re prepared ahead of anything.

Lets run though them below:

1. Makeup bag

Most ladies already count this has a major thing they should have in their bag, which is very right. So as a woman it is necessary that  you go out with your  makeup  bag  everyday. And it must  include at least, your powder, an eyeliner and a lipstick. These three products are enough to do the beauty  trick you need  anywhere  you need to go.

When your makeup goes a bit dull you can easily excuse your  to a rest room for some touch up. This will help restore radiance and brightness to you look.

2. Wallet

The list of essentials every woman should have in her bag is not complete without a wallet. The size of your wallet is really up to, but ensure it can  carry your business cards,pen and some cash. It advisable you go for portable wallets that can fit into different sizes of your bag so as to avoid using different types wallet in a week. Because when you do this, it can lead to you misplacing vital items you keep in them in the course of changing.

3. Anything Mint

As a lady the goal is to appear presentable and smell good always. So having a bad breath after eating any type of food is really a turn off. So it is very important that you have things like sweet or gum with mint flavour in your bag always, so that you can have them kill any kind of unpleasant smell in your mouth and leave you with a minty fresh breathe. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

4. Sanitizer

You need santizers to protect yourself from germs and contagious diseases. As a lady it is a necessity that you add sanitizers to the list of essentials  in her bag, so as to go out with it everyday. It is not just about looking cute , slaying and smell awesome, but also you should  keep your hands germ free.

5. Sanitary Pads

Though period ain’t seen everyday and some ladies known their cycles well,it is still very important you keep few pieces of sanitary pads in your bag, so you go out with it everyday. This way you won’t face the distress that comes with not having pads in your bag when your menstruation suddenly starts earlier or later than expected.

It can be very annoying, so don’t even risk it.


This is yet another super important product that every lady should have in her bag.

You should always have a nice scent in your bag,so when the one you left home with becomes less obvious and can excuse yourself to the restroom to use it and re awake your  charming smell.

Ensure you don’t spray your perfume in public, because choking others with it is wrong.

7. Tissue

If there is one thing that should always be found in a lady’s bag, it has got to be tissues. It is extremely unattractive to keep breathing in heavily, because you don’t have a tissue on hand to blow your nose. It is equally annoying to manage sitting on a dirty chair or hold on to your dirty hand for long because you dont have tissued in your bag.

8. Portable charger

Nowadays  most people use their phones alot. So the likelihood of it shutting off when you really need it, is quite high. Always keep a portable charger in your bag for recharging your battery.

9. Lotion

Sometimes your hands need a little bit of attention. Every lady should have some hand lotion in her bag to keep them mosturize.

10.Sunglasses and its case

You cant afford to expose your face to sun rays and get burns or wrinkles afterwards, so once the sun comes, you should know its time to put your glasses on and when it sets you can  put the sunglasses back in its case. Don’t leave them on your head,it isn’t right at all.

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