If you were like me a few years back you are probably of the same school of thought that believes that a man’s wardrobe is a no-go area when it comes to dressing fashionably as a lady. But hear me now as I say – A man’s wardrobe is an unexplored treasure chest. I’m not being sarcastic here…I mean, menswear-inspired fashion has been so in, so why don’t you actually “borrow” something from a man’s closet?

This got me intrigued, and one day, I decided to “steal” a shirt from my brother. I tried it, I liked it.

This is a little secret little that not many ladies know about but if you follow this guide, you’ll discover the surprising potential of updating your style with the help of men’s clothing items! Read on to discover how to use some of these pieces and then run to raid your dad/brother/husband’s closet with no shame.

1. Do you want to update your knitwear game? Just grab a man’s sweater, and you’ll get that slouchy effortless chic look.

2. Borrowing a man’s blazer might seem like a bad idea, however, when worn with feminine pieces, all your look will be balanced!

3. Hoodies are one of the easiest pieces to wear from a man’s wardrobe. You can even shop for hoodies from the men’s section; trust me, you’ll find some super cool ones.

4. Who doesn’t like an oversized shirt for a casual day out? Maximize your outfit options by “shopping” from your man’s pile of shirts.

5. What’s another piece that’s great for a casual, relaxed look? Sweatpants! Just make sure to dress them up a bit for extra style points.

6. Here is a simple trick, borrow/buy a man’s denim jacket if you’ve been looking for an oversized fit with no luck.

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