Dress Sense
Dress Sense

If you desire to improve your appearance with better dressing sense, then subtle changes in style can make a major difference in the way others perceive you and can make you feel better about yourself. Women are bombarded with advertisements and fashion suggestions from many outlets, and it can be difficult to decide whom to listen to. The right fashion sense can help you showcase your naturally beautiful features.

Step 1

Dress to accentuate what you like the most about your body. For example, if you are proud of your waist, wear tops or dresses that cinch with a high belt to accentuate this feature.

Step 2

Do not wear big clothing to hide your body. Instead, choose your favorite physical aspects and draw attention to them. For example, if you dislike your stomach but feel you have shapely legs, wear a flowing top with shorts, a skirt or tight pants.

Step 3

Establish a personal style. Choose a celebrity or a friend whose clothing choices you admire and build a similar wardrobe. Developing a cohesive fashion sense influenced by several similar sources will allow you to put together streamlined outfits.

Step 4

Choose an era to emulate when deciding on a personal style. Inexpensive retro fashion items are often available at thrift stores and can help you express yourself through your clothes while also appearing classy and stylish. Common retro fashion choices include outfits influenced by the 1950s, 60s or 70s.

Step 5

Screen your closet for unnecessary items and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year. Keeping old clothes that you selected when you had different taste or a different job will prevent you from trying new and more flattering looks.

Step 6

Be picky when choosing the color of your clothing. Decide which shades look best on you and purchase the majority of your clothing within this range. For example, people with fair skin may look better in warmer colors, such as red or yellow undertones, than in cool colors with blue undertones; and they may look better in pastels like pink or peach than in dark colors, such as black.

Step 7

Set aside a clothe’s budget, and try to set aside some of that budget for a few key, high-quality items. If you buy the majority of your clothes at secondhand shops or discount outlets, you can purchase popular brands for lower prices. This will make it easier to find room in your budget for a few more expensive items, such as a high-quality, attractive pair of shoes or a classic gown.

Step 8

Introduce variety to your style. Often women get in the habit of wearing a single type of outfit. Make yourself feel more attractive and show off your looks by mixing up the outfits you wear; for example, if you usually don jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers, try adding dresses and sandals to your regular wardrobe.

There you have it. I hope these few tips help you in your journey to improving your dress sense. Stay tuned for more style tips!

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