Hello fashionistas , you have to understand that wearing your outfit for strictly business during the week, doesn’t mean you can’t still be stylish and slay with your corporate wears. Also being a professional doesn’t mean your wears should be boring , you should accessorize it rightly to give your appearance a moderate live which is needed in your work.

As a professional, success is key to you , so you have to dress for success always, doing this includes ensuring your outfit, personal grooming, and accessories are perfectly in place. Lets tell you what you might probably not know, as employers pay attention to details of their prospective employee during recruitment processes, so do clients and investors pay attention to details, and so should you. Even the hand bag or brief case you select says something about who you are.

Pulling together an overall corporate image is especially important for all professionals, including entrepreneurs and work-at-home moms, and business women who work from home. To get big clients and contracts, your business needs to appear successful; already large enough to handle the customer’s needs.
So whenever you have to step out your door for a corporate event or meeting, ensure you outfit that suits you perfectly, then complement it will nice accessories and you will appear classic with no doubt.
Now read our tips and practice them when adding accessories to your business wardrobe, as they will help you look your best.

Styling Your Jewelry
A large or costume jewelry for work is a wrong move. When dressing for business related purposes, your earrings should be conservative and small. Necklaces should not dangle between cleavage, and bracelets should not make noise. Do not wear ankle bracelets, but do wear a conservative watch. Keep all your jewelry very simple because that’s the key to accesorising business outfit perfectly.

Picking The Right Bag/Shoes
You will appear very classy if you match your hand bag colors should with your shoes’. Having many colours on, is not okay for corporate dressing at all. It best to keep your colors as one or two, and make sure they are calm.

A good handbag for work should be small, but easy to open in case you need to find an item inside. Don’t carry large bags, they won’t make you lookstylish in your professional wears.

Picking The Perfect Hosiery
If you need to wear panty hose underneath your gown or skirt, ensure you go for only neutral tone that compliments your suit or dress. Avoid wearing hosiery with patterns and lines. Carry a bottle of clear nail polish in your purse to dab on snags and runs to stop them from spreading down your leg.

Briefcases and Portfolios
Though most ladies prefer  portfolios and padfolios  over briefcases and should be padded in a neutral color. If you take a briefcase, it should be as small as is practical for your needs, and made of leather in a neutral color.
If you do not need a briefcase don’t bring one just for show. Never use a shopping bag, book bag, or backpack in place of a briefcase.

Go For Suitable Scarves
It is fine to wear tasteful scarves in the office; just make sure they are accessory scarves and not ones for cold. Tie your scarf in an infinity knot or go with a simple knot, resist the urge to be trendy and tuck it into your belt.
Choose colors that complement your overall look and not that compete with it. If you wear a chunky scarf, size down your jewelry or rather skip wearing a necklace.

So dear professional divas, the above are few tips to guide through pulling professional stunning look. You use to shopping for your accessories and to wear them.

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