At times, even the most fashionable person runs out of style inspiration and ends up committing fashion blunder. When this happens It gets people who are use to seeing such person as Very stylish confused. confused.
If this has ever happen to you or someone close, Itn neither of you’you’d fault, its likely you ran out of inspiration.

Fashion requires a whole lot of incentive and inspiration in order to keep a proper flow styles that would make loud fashion statements.

Now here are ten important tips that will make you step out fashionable always if applied:

1. Go to the dressing room prepared
It is quite normal to enter the dressing room and get very confused on what to wear, especially when going to an event. The numerous clothes hanging separately from their different hangers can be quite confusing to the eyes, especially for women that like hoarding clothes and as a result have a very large wardrobe. If you are going for a particular event, sort out what you would like to wear in your mind first. You might not think of a particular cloth for example, you could decide that you want to wear a dress. Then go into the dressing room with a dress in mind and then sort out which dress would best suit your mood and taste. That way, you spend less time in the dressing room, searching for what to wear.

To be able to do this efficiently you must ensure that your wardrobe remains well arranged, according to the types. Clothes need breathing room. You must be able to identify each item by the way they are arranged. If your wardrobe is not well organised, try to sort it all out.

2. Show skin strategically
There are more clever ways to show some skin without appearing  indecent. You don’t have to showcase your entire body just because you want to show a little skin to appear classy or to give off a sultry look. Show some skin strategically.

Looking sexy is not about the amount of skin you bare to the world, it is about the tiny hint you give of what lies underneath those many wraps and bolts of fabric. Choose only one part of the body to show off. If it is the cleavage, let it be only the cleavage. The same should go for the legs.

3.Go for bright colored accessories
If you prefer neutral colored tones wears like black, white, brown, navy blue and the likes. You don’t have to change your taste just because you want to come off as fashionable, just blend in some bright accessories with your entire outfit, one that is quite different from those neutral colored shoes. The bright colored accessories will add a splash of colour to your entire outfit, deviating it from being boring and dull.

4. For formal events, go for handless bags
For formal events and functions, carrying a bulky bag would not do at all. The best bag to carry Is to carry a bag that would leave your hands completely free. The bags that would best suit these purpose is the chain bags or a dressy bag or purse that has a long chain that you can hang from your shoulder or hang in a criss-crossed manner across your neck. The bag should be small enough to hold your phone and other minute essentials.

5. Know your shape and appreciate it
Another important points to note is your shape. Know the kind of shape you have and appreciate it by wearing clothes that best complement your figure. Wearing clothes that hang loosely around your body or that are several sizes too small is a big no when it comes to fashion. Your clothes have to fit just right.

6. Throw in a scarf
According g to some major fashionista, a scarf is the ultimate fashion accessory. You can tie it around your neck, on your head or on the strap or handle of your bags. It adds a sense of style to your outfit. Go wild with your dressing and add style to your outfit.

7. Be certain and precise with your denim size
There is nothing more appealing or more unflattering than a baggy derriere lying to a too big denim trousers or clothing. To be on the safer size, you can buy a denim that us one size too small. Not to worry, denim has the tendency of expanding when it has been washed, so you don’t have to worry about too tight trousers. When in doubt of your actual size, choose one with a small size.

8. Don’t forget to check out your rear view
This is a very important point to note. Before leaving the house, don’t forget to check out your rear view. You can do this by standing in front if a wall length mirror and bending your neck backwards. You have to be sure of what you look like from the front and double sure if your looks from the back. Be certain that what you are wearing g does not make your assistance too fat and neither does it make it look too slim. Be certain of what you look like from the rear!

9. Open your mind to new fashion ideas
Don’t be too stuck up on the designs and styles that you are used to. Open your mind to new designs and styles. Go to the boutique and choose entirely different styles. While you really at it, don’t go into the dressing room with the mind set that a particular outfit can never suit you.  Remember, when in doubt about what you are wearing, seek for another person’s  view . At times you might end up wrong in your judgement.

10. Disregard any  myth that restricts you from wearing certain colors.

There are many myths that restricts many females from wearing a particular clothing item, hair or lipstick. This is even more so in black women. For example, dark skinned women have been warned off wearing red lipstick and bright colored hair. Dispute that myth! Do this restrict tlyour self to colors, spice up your wardrobe and in return, your fashion sense.
However, it all depends in how you wear each fashion item. Look for colored or accessories that best complement them. When in doubt about the type of shoes to wear, go for nude colored heels. They match your skin and are completely fashionable.

With these few tips. You are guaranteed to always look classy and fashionable anytime you step  out. 

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