Female shoes with PVC strap and clear heels (or stripper heels) they are always very classy and sexy when worn. Lots of fashionistas have been seen rocking it on different occasions, also female celebrities too.
They are also very versatile as they can fit into wears for different outings such as corporate events weddings, churches among others, but how much do you know about this unique foot wears?

Regardless of what your answer to our above question is , we have given an in-depth explanation about clear heel shoes in this article. Reading this will give you a clearer understand about the shoes, guide you on how to buy the best for yourself and also how to ensure you’re comfortable in them anything you have them one.
You can read this article whether or not you intend buying it soon , it will be of great help.

Lets start with what they are made of
The heels of stripper shoes are usually made from poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic sometimes called acrylic glass. The substance is popularly known as lucite and stripper shoes are often called lucite heels for this reason.
The material used to make the clear upper of stripper heels is usually either polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane.

What you should know before buying stripper heels:
The number one rule when buying stripper heels is that you should buy a decent brand because the quality matters a lot. So when you decide that you want to get them you have to be ready to pay at it cost to get a very good quality as that the best you can rock perfectly and comfortable. You don’t want to be on your pair to an outing and experience a sudden pull out, that will be embarrassing. So to be save , it best you go for a well-known brand whose quality you trust and that will likely come as a fortune.

All you need to know when you finally get one
When your beautiful heels arrive you’ll obviously need to put them on. You would not think instructions are necessary for sliding on a pair of sexy mules but there are a couple of tricks.
First, the straps may be really tight to begin with, sometimes too tight to get your feet into at all (they will stretch and mould to your feet over time). One tip is to first try them on with stockings. This will make it much easier to slide into the shoes for the first few times you wear them.
Secondly, if stockings don’t work you can stretch the strap of the shoes by heating it gently with a hair drier. Once the strap is warm, put the shoe on (being careful not to burn yourself because that would be silly and it will hurt). The straps should then mould to the shape and size of your feet.

Other tips you may hear for stretching clear heels include putting beans under the straps (they expand when exposed to air) and freezing them with bags of water under the straps (the water expands when it turns to ice). We have never tried these and they sound messy and ridiculous. The hair drier works. Use the hair drier.
With the above explanation, we believe you should be more familiar with the transparent heels and know all it entails to buy, wear and maintain them once you buy one for yourself or when you’re gifted one.
Like we always say don’t just read all we discuss above, but ensure you put the tips into practice, so you can be a happy buyer and slayer!

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