As much as ladies top the game of fashion,and seem to slay always in every outfit they put on along with their makeup, there are some fashion mistakes many of them make which we must point so that you can stop practicing if you happen to fall within the group.

Read them below:

1. Stop putting on your underwear as outerwear
This is one common mistake lots of ladies make. No matter how sexy or nice your underwear looks, it should  remain an underwear and should be out of sight.
underwear should be worn beneath  your clothes because they  help make your clothes look good.
If you’re among the people doing this please stop as it’s a fashion blunder.

2.Stop wearing bra or crop top as outwear
Some ladies leave their houses wearing only crop top and bra on their jeans, this is very wrong.
It will only be right if you’re at the beach or pool.
You can also wear it if you’re creating awareness for breast cancer. But if you don’t fall within this above, you need to stop wearing it as it’s a fashion blunder.

3.Stop dressing  too trendy 
We understand that you love fashion and will like to seen as stylish and classy. But you also  need to understand that dressing to meet trend is not fashion.
You’re only trying to be a trend chaser. And you will only end up buying and wearing things that doesn’t suit you. It’s a fashion mistake to be n addicted  trend follower.

4. Stop using too much or wrong foundation : 
It’s ok to look beautiful,  charming and younger than your  age but the solution to fine lines isn’t always to cover them with loads of makeup.
In fact, if you use too much foundation you’ll risk it settling into those creases, only making them more noticeable.
The key is to spot correct only where you need it, with a liquid or cream foundation, concealer, or even just a tinted moisturizer. Also, be sure your foundation matches your skin tone, which can also change as you get older. Many use the same colour forever, but you should really recheck every few years to see if it’s still the best fit.

5. Stop dressing  too young
Though it’s cool to wear clothes that makes you look presentable and younger than your age  but wearing something that best suit your daughter (or granddaughter) is wrong.
People will notice you but not the way you want them to.  Your  dressing  will only appear  awkward to them instead of looking classy.

6. Don’t mismatch your tops and bottom wears:
Wearing styles that don’t work well together is unflattering for all ages, and can add years to an otherwise youthful appearance.
A great rule of thumb is that if you’re wearing a skinny silhouette on the bottom, choose a more forgiving, flowy piece on top or vice versa.  If  you’re wearing a tighter top, add a looser, flared skirt or a wide-leg pant to balance out the proportions.

Not only does this strategy let you show off your best assets, but it can also hide the trouble spots you’re not totally confident about.

7. Stop abusing your eyes:
The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, but it’s also the skin women tend to be harshest on.

Most women apply all kinds of creams and cosmetics there, but you can do more harm than good if you’re too aggressive with that. Too much will not only damage the skin but will cause red, puffy eyes, as well, which is not a good look at any age.

Take care of your face by removing eye makeup at the end of each day because sleeping in it can cause irritation and infection. But whenever you want to do this, make use of a gentle cleanser and a soft towel or cotton swab. So as to avoid scrubbing too hard or using a rough washcloth.

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