To step out looking classy and unique as fashionable ladies everytime require that you wear top quality outfits,accessories and shoes.

Yes we understand this but guess what? We have found few fashion tips that can help you save enough money even when you buy quality  things. These strategies will be very helpful, if you apply them.

Now let’s ride on 

1.Go for shoes with versatile nature

As a lady, there are some good quality shoes you can add to your  wardrobe to keep you off needing and buying  many everytime.

Renowned Fashion Stylist Edelstein, once said, ‘if you want a pair of shoes you can wear all year round, no matter the occasion, a pair of pointed-toe black pumps are essential’.  This is actually because they are seasonless, crazy flattering, and you can where them with absolutely anything.  Hmm ladies! Isn’t  this a wow?
Let’s  move on there are more ….

2. Maximize your bags appearance
Apart from the general knowledge that you can make most use of your  bags when you pick basic colours like black, grey and different shades of nude, there is another way.
If you want to change the look of a bag you love but feel a little bored with, instead opting for buying another bag,why not  try tying a scarf to it especially if it comes with top handles. You can try different style and get so  creative with the tieing that people who notice your  bag wouldn’t really know it’s same.

3. Buy few great quality that’s within your  budget and add a little bit of creativity :

You don’t need a massive wardrobe of designer clothes to be a fashionsta.

Apart from basic wears that every woman really  needs in her closet which are about  20 according to fashion stylists, few of which are; “A black pair of pants, a blue blazer, a cashmere V-neck sweater in a jewel tone, among others. You just need to buy few great quality wears that you need which shouldn’t be too expensive.

[Source: Instagram-Lolaoj]
After getting those few quality wears during your  shopping, add them to your   basics 20 wears and mix them creatively for different outings. If you take your  time to do this, you will be surprised at how many different styles  you can get from that. All you just need is to be creative.

4. You don’t need belts of all colours 

Being a fashionsta doesn’t mean that you have to buy all the colours of belt available to match different outfits. You need to apply your fashion and colour wisdom here.

Pick colours that are most likely to suit different colours of wears perfectly. Also you can do a quick review on your  wardrobe on the colours which are prominent there, so that your first choice of belt will be the within colours that complements your wardrobe perfectly. After you can go ahead to sort out other colours.

[ Source : Instagram-Lolaoj ]
5. Add few quality accessories to your wardrobe 

As a fashionsta you sure need your  accessories  almost all the time. But you have to understand that you don’t need to purchase every accessory you find fitting and beautiful  out there.

Let’s classify your accessories into simple and gorgeous categories. The  accessories that falls under simple are those that you wear to office,you wear on your  casual jeans and tops among others, under this class you need just few.

The gorgeous accessories are those you wear to parties, events among others you need just few of this also. No fashion rule says the higher the numbers of your accessories the more fashionable you will appear.

So now to buy the few quantity of each category mentioned as recommended ,you have to prioritize which category you use more. If you make use of the simple more,then you can increase the number of that a little and vice versa.

Dear divas,these are our tips on how to save enough money and still slay. Lets know your thoughts after reading this by dropping  your  comments  below.

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