Lai Mohammed has corrected the news going round that production of movies and music videos abroad will be banned from Nigeria. He says his original statement was taken out of context.

As controversy still swirls a claim credited to Nigeria’s minister of information, Lai Mohammed saying Nigerian entertainers would be banned from making movies and music videos abroad, the man in the eye of the storm has denied the claim.

Speaking at conference at Eko Hotel on Wednesday, Mohammed said his statement was taken out of context.

‘At COSON, I said that I would work to amend the National Broadcasting Commission’s code to ensure that if a product is designated a Nigerian product, it must be produced in Nigeria.

‘I didn’t say that, henceforth, all music and films would or must be produced in Nigeria. All I said was that if a programme is designated as a Nigerian content programme, we will amend the code to ensure that it is produced in Nigeria. I didn’t say I’ll ban the production of Nigerian movies and videos overseas,’ he said.

Several Nigerians had criticised his earlier statement, pointing at the hypocrisy of government officials who receive treatment and send their children to school abroad but are out to stifle the creativity of Nigerian entertainers.

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