The beautiful African hairstyle, braids has been around for a very long time now, and its only getting better everyday. This is because hair stylists tend to have infused more creativity into it which has led to the emergence of various awesome styles.

Many divas love braiding for several reasons both person and general ranging from the unique look it gives them to their look, to the hair growth advantage and more.

Styles such as  bomb twist, fluffy twist, kinky twist, loose braids among and others come with their individual benefits.

Dear beautiful ladies, as much as you love this style, there are few things you should know and always consider anytime you’re thinking of getting it installed in your hair. They revolve around the benefits and cons that come with it.

Your Adorable Braids

Lets start with the benefits which buttress why you should love them like you do.

1. Braid last long

Most braids, if well plaited can last  up to one or two months before getting rough. if you are a huge fan of long term styles , then braiding is your best bet because it will stay looking nice for as long as you want.

And this definitely is a way of getting  a break from styling your natural hair. In fact to make your style last longer and  looking fresh you can also get the braiding around your edges redone after a while. With this you will continue slaying in your braids as long as you want.

2. Braid protect  and keep your hair healthier

Your braided style is a great protective style. When your hair is in braids, your hair and ends are tucked away and hidden from the earth’s elements. This ultimately results in better length retention. If you wish to help keep your ends healthy and grow longer hair, braids are a great way to do just that. Just be sure not to keep them in over 2 months.

3. Braid needs only little  maintenance

Having braids installed definitely lowers the amount of maintenance required for your hair but does not completely eliminate it, because you still need to maintain your style to keep it looking nice .

Also don’t forget to take care of  your scalp and natural hair underneath the braids. The way to do this is to  frequently clean your scars with  a moisturizer or just water and also add natural oil to your hair.

4. Braids give you lots of options 

With braid you get to choose from varieties of styling options. There are endless styles such as box braid, Ghana braid, jumbo braid, Senegalese twists and lots more. This gives you the freedom of being as creative as you like!

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Your Adorable Braids


Now that you have an in depth understanding on why you should love braid. Lets take you

through some challenges that come with braiding:

a. Braid causes hair breakage
If not well plaited, your adorable style can cause  breakage within and around your edges. Braids that are made too tight or plaited with your  weak natural hair, easily break  off your hair and your edges.
Though this also depends on the size of the braid. When they are too large and heavy or really small braids, such as micro braids, are most likely to cause breakage to your real hair.
tends to come with high prices.

b. Braiding is time consuming
If your plan is to braid this coming weekend, then be prepared to spend nothing less than six hours in the salon.

Depending on the length and size of your braids, it can take your stylist 6-8 hours or more to install.  The removal also takes time. And can be frustrating if done by alone, so it’s best you take it to your stylist when you ready to get rid of it.
Braids are a beautiful hair style that can suit any individual and personal style. Whatever braid style you choose to rock, rock it well and let the world see your beautiful braids.

c. Some braided styles are very expensive 
Because of the time consuming nature of braids, and some other factors such as salon environment, length and size, the plaiting

With the few mentioned challenges, braids still remains a very beautiful and stunning stylist for divas and fashionistas like YOU.

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