Milk is a liquid beverage which has lots of great benefits embedded in it. Milk is highly beneficial to your body system, skin and hair but lets explore the amazing things the regular consumption of milk does to your hair today.

Naturally your hair is made of proteins, which are necessary for tissue growth and repair but you still need additional milk for perfect growth. Milk contains two types of protein which are casein and whey, which can both benefit your hair. Feeding on a diet low in protein regularly may cause your hair to go thin or into a dormant stage and stop growing. Healthy hair is the direct result of a healthy body, and a nutritious diet that includes milk protein may result in thick, shiny hair.

Below are benefits your hair gets from milk

It Keeps Your Hair Strong and Shiny

Apart from consuming your milk regularly to enjoy the benefits in it, you can also apply it topically to keep your hair strong and shiny.
Using coconut milk on your hair makes it soft, shiny and manageable. Milk based products are also available that are meant for making your scalp healthy. Also one of the proteins contained in milk, whey has been used to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair and help it grow faster. Often sold as a nutritional supplement for weight gain and to create muscle mass, the external use of liquid whey can stimulate hair follicles. Mix one egg yolk, honey and liquid whey to form a paste. Massage the mixture into your scalp, and wrap a warm towel around your head to help the protein penetrate your scalp. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water for shiny healthy hair.

It Enhances Your Hair Growth
Another type of protein found in milk, Casein contains a large amount of the amino acid glutamine , experts say itsĀ  20 percent glutamine, one of the 22 different amino acids that form the building blocks of all protein. Glutamine has been shown to stimulate the hair follicle growth cycle and is especially useful in growing hair, according to a report by the Society of Investigative Dermatology. So this is a well proven benefit you can get from consuming or apply it topically to your hair.

It Serve As Treatment ForĀ  Dry And Rough Hair
This is another amazing benefit your hair can get from milk. It can easily solve your dry and rough hair problem. You can get this done by rubbing it on your scalp can nourish your hair from the inside out. Just smear some milk all over your scalp and wash off after a few minutes. This will make your hair naturally soft and silky.

Get Your Hair Conditioned With Milk
It serves very much as a great conditioner for hair. To use it for yours, you need to fill a spray bottle with some cold milk. Spray your hair thoroughly with this milk. Comb your hair gently and wash off after 30 minutes. You will not require a conditioner as the milk has already conditioned your hair. This leaves your hair looking great.

It Keeps Your Hair Healthy
To have a healthy hair you need protein and carbs, making milk proteins useful for healthy hair growth. Dairy products containing the proteins casein and whey also have naturally occurring sugar, known as lactose. Most other animal sources of protein such as meat, fish and eggs do not contain carbohydrates. Your body requires both protein and carbs to grow strong, healthy, shiny hair, S=so you should consume more milk to keep a healthy hair.

Now that we have enlighten you on the benefits your hair can get from milk, you should make it a friend of yours by including it in your diet regularly!

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