This is the concluding part of the first article as Adam Glassman, shares more guidelines on how to look your best, irrespective of the trend.

1. Shop for Your Largest Part First

If you have bigger hips, start there when you’re looking for pants. You can always take in the waist! And look for a ponte fabric; it’s the most forgiving.

2. Get Leggy With It

A pump that matches your skin tone extends the leg line from the tip of your toes upward and can make you look almost three inches taller.

3. Use A Blazer to Add Shape or Streamline Curves

~. One-button styles create an hourglass silhouette—perfect for small-busted ladies.

~. Two-button styles draw the eye up and in, visually minimizing a larger chest.

4. Consider Insoles

The ball of your foot should fit comfortably in the widest part of a shoe—if you have a little room, try insoles. This pair prevents forefoot pressure by ever so slightly adjusting the pitch and position of the foot to shift weight to the heel and stop feet from slipping forward.

5. Try An A-Line Skirt

It’s like the bootcut jean of skirts—it looks good on absolutely everyone. This season, the ’60s-inspired shorter style is the one to try. It comes just above or to the knee and works well with tights.

6. Illusion Dressing Is Key

Ruching can conceal trouble spots, while strategically placed panels can create curves. If you need a little extra support, look for dresses with built-in power mesh or a shapewear panel.

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