If you didn’t see Zendaya Coleman’s dress at the Sydney premier of the Greatest Showman take a minute to admire her picture, while doing this, ensure you  note the gorgeously beautiful, intricate designs and how the dress seems to flow over her body, with a mid-thigh length slit, extending from the hem of the dress, showing just the right amount of skin, further accentuating the wonderful design of the dress.

Her ‘butterfly themed’ dress is definetly a show stopper and is currently trending online.

Zendaya definetly stole the spotlight yesterday, with her butterfly inspired striking dress at the movie premiere.

In case you were wondering, the striking dress was designed by fashion designer Moschino with the sole intention of making it a head turner and this was was achieved .
Despite the seemingly unfavorable weather that might have been a disaster, Zendaya didn’t let it deter her, deciding instead on taking advantage of the weather.

The statement gown that definetly had heads turning had an oversized ruching at the front, mimicking the intricate wing design of a summer butterfly. The design which was perfectly complemented by a thigh high slit that seemed to go on forever, coming to rest at the middle of her thigh was further heightened by a beautiful pair of black sandal heel, perfect in its simplicity so as not to steal the show and divert all attention from the dress.

The dress has a small train at the back that was further complemented by her shoes, lack of extravagant accessories and simple yet elegant make up.

Here are what we love about the dress Zendaya’s dress

1. It looks very simple
you would agree with us that the butterfly dress, as we like to call looks very simple in its design. Already eye-catching, a more elaborate design would have been simply disastrous. The perfect golden yellow color that would have appeared glaring otherwise was beautifully downplayed by the dark brown and black under tones that seemed to make the dress come alive. If viewed from afar, one might get the ides that the butterfly would fly off her body any minute. You would then agree with us that the dress is gorgeously beautiful in its simplicity.

2. It does not require too much accessories and make up
At times one might just not be in the mood to wear too many accessories or apply too loud make up. A girl can just feel like rubbing just powder and lip gloss and off she goes. Zendaya’s make up to the premiere was quite simple, especially with the natural undertones that was used, blending perfectly with the nature appreciative design of the dress. Notice how she decided to go almost natural? Her small, pin stop, black earrings and her almost natural look, further accentuated by the natural part of her hair, mild lip gloss and lack of jewelry is a show stopper in its effect. Thee dress dosen’t require too many accessories which is very fine by us.

3. It suit her skin perfectly
Did you see how the dress came out very beautiful on her skin tone? We love it! One fashion point to note is that you have to look for a dress that best complements your skin tone. Endeavor to avoid dress colors that seem to suck out the color from your skin and makes it look drained, pale and dull. In Zendaya’s case, the daring golden yellow dress definitely looks perfect and we  love it.

4. It complements her body size and shape well
Wearing a  dress or any fashion item  has ill-fitting doesn’t work at all. It is a major faux pas. Whether it is too tight or hangs loosely on your body frame, it is a big no. Zendaya definitely knew this fashion rule as she did not just go for a dress that complements her skin tone, she also went for the perfect one that drapes around her slender body frame perfectly, without appearing too tight, too loose, or too provocative.

These are the few reasons  we love her dress. Kindly  add yours let’s get the ball rolling.

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