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While it seems females are dominating in the fashion world, however the men are beginning to realize the need to keep up with fashion. Though, most men like to keep it simple and elegant. In their wardrobe, most are already setting the standards for men’s fashion, offering unique twists on classic styles and showcasing all the latest trends, while some are still struggling to fall in love with fashion.

Falling in love with fashion brings a total wholesomeness or should I say it makes one appear more matured and reasonable at all times but always follow “fashion” less and your personal style more. Style is what makes you an individual and it’s WHO you are that makes you attractive to other people. No wonder the saying “The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed”. It’s understandable that most people think that Fashion is only for the high class. Unfortunately, I have seen so many “high class” people who are not in love with Fashion. Fashion is not just only your dressing sense but complete totality of your charisma and how you package yourself. Giving yourself a distinct cool Charisma always, coupled with what you wear, makes you a complete gentleman with a Passion for Fashion.

What is your style?

Men find it difficult choosing other style options besides Jeans and T-shirt; this is why they tend to keep their Fashion style casual.

Most men can never do without shoes. Personally I give kudos to those men who constantly upgrade their set of shoe collections. Shoes should be the same tone or darker than your pants or any trouser to go with it. In fashion, it is not about the cost but about your taste, so if you can afford it, buy it and look good. Looking good has always been a good business so if you want to become more successful in your business, add some stunning look to your fashion style today! Just like you take care of your teeth on a regular basis, your Fashion sense and style has to be taken care of everyday. Make it your Passion.

It is important to know that it is never a do-or-die affair to look a particular way. Find the best combination of shirts and pants to go with. Most importantly look just neat and cool.

Shirts and T-shirts are the most common designs worn by men but the mistake most make is not being careful how it fits. A good shirt should fit your body size, neither to big nor small but perfect to give your body allowance while still hugging a bit enough to reveal your masculine muscular features. So I’ve been thinking about what building a reliable wardrobe looks like and I keep coming back to good quality Suit for corporate events, sets of traditional and native wears, pants, jeans, different colors of shirts, shoes, colorful ties, quality belts too. Before any event, make sure your pants are creased and your shirts are ironed, preferably at a dry cleaner. People will notice your exceptional look.

I notice that a lot of highly successful people (top executives, entrepreneurs, bankers etc.) tend to wear watches that look impressive. While wearing a watch does not lead to success (obviously), I feel that it helps create a perception of being successful. First of all, one doesn’t wear a watch in order to appear confident and successful. One should already be confident and successful and consequently wear a watch that reflects that. Another thing that can help boost your confidence at all time is a good cologne with sweet fragrance. The ladies are like bees and butterflies, always be attracted to the sweet smelling flowers.

Don’t forget to always know the right pair of sunglasses for your face. Know when to wear Sunglasses and when to wear a plain frame. Stop wearing dark shades in an environment with poor visibility.

Make your Fashion sense outstanding and Fashion becomes your Passion.

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Featured stored: Depearl Boutique Limited


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