It is norm for ladies to have lot of stuffs than men and they tend to occupy more than the wardrobe space available.

You could say that it is part of female genetics to acquire stuffs. Being beautiful themselves, they tend to be attracted towards beautiful things likewise and they find themselves shopping and buying things that they may never wear or use.
There are several reasons why women shop, some of them are downright hilarious and others reasonable.

Lets explore few reasons :

1. They want to be trendy
Ladies are tremendously fashionable creatures, constantly gravitating towards new things. There is always a mad dash to the market especially when their favorite designer releases a new product, Leaving their credit cards to bear the brunt of these expensive habit. No woman wants to be caught lagging behind. With the exception of a select few that displays outstanding amount of self-control in resisting this almost insuppressible urge.

2. See it as necessity
With change in season comes change in clothing. There is need for acquiring clothes that would best suit the different weather condtions. For example, no one would be advised to wear a tan top in winter or a cardigan in summer. Shopping for suitable clothes is therefore number one priority. A necessesity,yet there is still need to appear stylish.

The few above reasons, to name a few generally quantifies this intriguing and expensive yet feminine sport, although some males have been known to display this trait, although they are usually the intensely fashionable ones.

The problem then arises on how to make do with the limited wardrobe space yet ever increasing clothes and accessories.

It is quite funny when women say they don’t have clothes to wear, especially when preparing for a particular event. This is quite understandable especially as 90 percent of women do not take out time to carefully organize their wardrobe.
We have included several pointers in this article that will guide you in managing the space you have.

1. Sort out your clothes
The first step to beating this problem is sorting out your clothes. Stack shirts together and trousers alike for easy identification and arranging, so you don’t feel overwhelmed in the long run.

2. Shoe boxes can be very helpful.
When next you buy a new shoe, don’t be too much in a haste to throw the box away, they can be very helpful!!.
Most wardrobes don’t come with large enough spaces for your lingerie.
It is safe to say that lingeries are the most expensive and most essential item in a woman’s wardrobe and based on their delicate nature, needs to be treated with care to ensure longetivity.
Shoe boxes are generally inlaid with silk materials and are quite tender for your most precious lingeries. You can arrange them side by side and stack them atop each other. If you like you can even label them. So when you next you buy a shoe, don’t be too much in a haste to discard it!

3. Organize nail polish by color using shoe organizer
Instead of flooding the top of your dressing table with nail polish, get organizer and and arrange them on it. For the neatness fanatics, you can choose to arrange them according to colour. Thus generally is to create space for the original occupants of your dressing table- your creams and perfumes.

4. Arrange your t-shirts uprightly
Instead of just poring your t-shirts in the wardrobe in the open air for bugs and cockroaches to build houses in, you can better utilize the bottom drawer of hour wardrobe. Stack them up right, side by side for easy identification instead of just pouring them in, to save yourself the stress of scattering everything again when you feel like wearing a particular shirt.

4. Use a rolled up method to arrange your chiffon tops

Save your hanger for you most important and valuable clothes. Using the rolled up method for your chiffon not only saves space, it also helps for easy identification.

You can also Tie all your scarves around a hanger, clearing room for other important clothes.

5. Use shier rings to hang up your shorts!
Shower rings can beat organize your shorts. It places them side by side, at the same time ensuring proper air circulation to avoid them having a pungent odour. This is most common with jeans and leather shorts. Go get that shower ring!.

6. Use pillowcases to keep matching sheets together
You don’t have enough space to keep your bedsheets, pillow cases are your saving grace! You can neatly fold and stack matching sheets with their corresponding pillow cases with each other.

7. Hang suitcases over the door
Save prime closet space! Hang suitcases over the door! Your clothes need to breathe. If you are not comfortable hanging them over the door, you can push them under the bed. There! All done!.

8. Wine boxes make great shoe organisers
Well you have it. Don’t throw away your wine boxes neat time, you can put them into good use. Call it fashion recycling!, you can stack each show with its corresponding pair to each holes to save up space. You can even hang them up where they can be displayed beautifully.

9. Forget expensive jewelry racks, use ice cube racks!
Don’t worry, you won’t get laughed at. Ice cube racks are you best safekeeping options for your small and delicate earrings. Each pair should go into one hole. You won’t even get confused trying to sort them out.

10. Store out of season clothes in comforter bags
You are no longer comfortable with those out of season clothes for fear of being called in fashionable? Simple! Store them in comforter bags.
You can even pair them with those ‘in season’ clothes and no one would know.

11. Stack your trousers together on hangers

This ensures proper air circulation and prevents musky odour. Stack them together and thank us later!.

Most importantly, check for clothes you haven’t worn in over 12 months and don’t think you will ever wear again. When you find them, give them or better still, pack them for the orphanage.

The above are techniques effective for wardrobe arrangement.Now that the weekend is here, you should plan organizing it. Your clothes need to breathe! ..

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