Ladies how do you feel when you sight a lady like you  wearing an odd looking makeup with her outfit? If such lady is not a model who is trying to be dramatic,then sure you shouldn’t be ok with it.
Matching your makeup to your wardrobe can be very wonderful  when done correctly and horrific  when done wrong. As a fashionsta you have to win your matching game at all times.

So to help guide you on matching your cosmetics and outfits properly , we’ve put together some simple tips.

Now read them below:

1. Stick to one color palette

When choosing your make up skits such as powder, eye shadow and lip sticks ensure that they have similar  colours.  This will make it easy for you to use  appropriate make up colours that goes with your  clothes perfectly.

For instance; coral is one of the easiest shades to match, but when wearing such a bright color, apply your makeup with a light touch, when you wear bold shades on your face , it makes you look cartoonish which isn’t right.

So you need to avoid using flashy wears with flashy make up. With great colour palette,your dressing will look uniform and great.

Perfect complementary makeup [Source: Instagram- Yemi Alade]
2. Always wear complementary colours

You have to learn to make use of complementary colours when dressing up. For instance; a bright  colour should  be complemented with your dark colours. Lets take a look at pink and brown, they are a combination fit for a queen. If you want to get a smoky eye, apply a light pink shade over the entire lid, and then use a small, pointed brush to apply a mauve shade in the crease. Blend well and complete the look by adding a touch of brown shadow on the outer corners of the eye. Finish with a pretty pink and brown blush like this Nars Highlighting/Bronzing Duo.

When you complement your make up colours and your outfits colour you will look super sexy and slay like you want.

3. You can never go wrong with shimmery colours 

Shimmery colours like silver or gold are great makeup choice,anytime any day.

Silver is such a sexy shade on both your body and your eyes.  When wearing a shimmery color like silver or gold, don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your makeup, too. The trick is to apply it lightly, don’t overdo it. A light shimmer powder on the cheeks, will make you look ethereal and gorgeous. But ensure to play down the rest of your features when accentuating with shimmer, that is let other component of your outfit be cool.

Cool and calm dressing[Source : Instagram – Yemi Alade]
4. Keep your  dressing soft and subtle

Whichever colour you of make up you choose to match with your outfit,ensure  your overall dressing looks cool.

For instance yellow can be fun and fashionable, but it can also wash you out. A  sunny dress  accosorized with an ombre orange and yellow eye shadow (the same color palette) would come out just lovely.  And when that dress is cover up with pink pout and you will come out looking more stunning. So think pink, but keep the overall colors soft and subtle.

5. Don’t feature too many colours in your outfit and makeup

When matching your makeup to your clothes, stick to one feature only, and then play down the rest. And when it comes to your hair, if you need to play with color, try a clip-on extension that complements your own hair color.

Don’t play with too many colours in your make up. If you do you will appear  very dramatic.

6. Wearing only one plain colour isn’t cool

Don’t wear only one plain colour without adding touch of bright ones.
For instance white is such a clean and bright shade to wear during all seasons, but without a little color, you’ll look less sunny and more mummy. When wearing all white, be sure to add a pop of color in both your accessories and your makeup. Try a bold lip, or even a bright eye shadow.

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