Green isn’t very popular like other colours when it comes to choosing an outfit because it isnt a choice colour for many fashion lovers. But green appears very great when matched with perfect colours. It is also a very versatile colour which goes with many colours ranging from yellow,white,lack,lemon, blue, coffee brown, black among others

Today we are out for the male fashionistas,we will love to take you through varieties of way you can infuse green in your outfit.

1.Green Pant Will Look Great On You

One fashion piece that looks really good in green is a pant particularly corduroy pant or moleskin pant. They’re perfect for cold weather and they look very stylish when combined well.

2.Invest In Vests

Another fashion piece you can invest in is a green vest. A green vest will match your jeans,chinos and other trouser materials perfectly. You can also combine it with  your cream coloured blazer or suits.

3. Green Dress Shirts  Are Amazing

Green  is hardly ever seen as  dress shirts worn by fashion lovers . A light green dress shirt will go well with a madras tie and a brown suit. You could also wear it with a blue suit or even a gray suit. This shade of green looks very calm. If you get something darker like olive green maybe with a pale white and ivory stripe, it is much better for cold weather as well.

4. Wear Green Shoes

Green shoes are also very great. Sometimes people go with a darker kind of green or an olive green. Both can be very versatile, probably the olive green is even more versatile than the regular green. If you wear a belt make sure you get a matching belt to your shoes, that way you get a harmonious look and it’s overall well-rounded. If you can’t find regular box calf leather shoes in green, go with suede because it underlines the more casual character of the color and as a tassel loafer.

You could also think about getting a dark green maybe a racing green boot for rainy season. The darker you go with your green, the more formal it is. In the evenings most people wouldn’t even recognize that it’s not a black shoe or a very dark brown shoe. You can combine it more with casual outfits that you couldn’t wear with a black shoe.

5.Try Green Accessories

You can get accessories such as cufflinks and hand band in green. They all work together and it’s a wonderful color that creates contrast on your white or light blue or otherwise pastel-colored dress shirt. There are lots of items that you can wear in green. But when you are just starting out, we suggest you invest in accessories first simply because they are easy to combine.

6. Green Ties Or Bow Ties Are Perfect

You should add green ties or bow ties to your closet so you can easily match them with plain white or other calm colours.

7. Try Green Pocket Squares

Apart from bow ties and ties, a perfect place to start is a pocket square because it is rather affordable and it has a number of different colors especially when it’s printed so you can pick out different colors such as red, yellow or purple or green. You can create a really interesting unusual look with our having to invest too much up front. Green contrast beautifully with all traditional jacket colors such as gray or navy but it’s not too stark so it’s a subtle, and sophisticated contrast.

So if you ever think of slaying in green, the above are tips to guide your styling.

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