Today we’re focusing on why pink wears are great for men.

If a vox pop is carried out to confirm from people the colour they consider as masculine , 99.9% would pick  blue, because for a long time now many believe it’s the best colour that suit men’s image  perfectly. While  pink  is seen as a feminine colour, that  signifies being sexy.

Though when you see men with pink wears , you might think they are being girly due to the general believe , we have found some significant reasons to prove to you that pink is a great colour for men as well.

Now let’s talk about it:

  1.  Pink catches ladies attention

Because women adore pink colour, any time they sight it on a man they tend to be attracted to such personality. Especially if that man styles it very well.

So as a man if you want to look appealing to ladies in your work place or in an event,you can try pairing a pink shirt with your pant trouser or chinos. You will look just charming. Forget all the pink is girly statement, it sure attract ladies!

2. It makes you stand out

Many times pink has been used to depict power and strength. So if you decide to wear it, you sure stand for that.

For instance; pink ribbon was made the official symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink is a color more men have been embracing recently and it’s encouraging that they are not afraid to experiment with brighter colors. The color itself is empowering. It boosts the attractiveness of men who own their clothing.

So as a man, if you decide to wear pink, you are showing your strength and uniqueness.With pink you will stand out amidst the crowd once you style your pink very well.

3. Pink matches many colors

Pink is a versatile color. The fact is any skin tone works with some type of pink. Men with darker complexions look good in lighter shades such as carnation pink, cherry blossom and lavender pink. Meanwhile guys on the fair side can go with deeper shades like Persian rose and hot pink.

As a man you can match any of your pink wears with white, grey, black, blue, among others. Its not just difficult to blend it.

So ignore the sterotype of pink being called a girly colour and try them out as a fashion lover.

Here are some ways you can rock your pink wears.

1. Try  light pink shirt with blue jean or light brown chinos

A lighter shade of pink shirt will surely  keep you calm  and also make you appear stylish. Matching it with blue jeans and light brown chinos will make you look just classic.

2. Match navy suit with  pink shirt

You must have seen this alot, this is because it  is one of the few wears you can your pink shirt with to get a perfect combination . The two colours compliment each other so nicely that makes it a must. Pair with a slim cut and trousers and a skinny fit blazer. You will look just hot!

3.Pink trousers with t-shirt

You can also try  pink trousers as a man.  To see the beauty in it you should match it with a navy or white shirt. During warm weather  it could be worn in many occasions but how you style it will bring out the class in it.

4. Mix grey suit with pink shirt

Another great colour combination is the grey shirt with a pink shirt. These colours compliment each other really well for the perfect  business man about town look.

Bring the whole look together with a navy or black bold tie and silver tie clip to bounce off the grey hues.

Also if you want to throw off the jacket the pink shirt grey pants look is also a massive statement look.

5.Pink polo shirt with shorts or trousers

A pink polo shirt for men will be the perfect item to wear for any casual outing.  When teamed with a pair of shorts  and trainers , it will make the perfect  outfit . You can also pair your pink polo with either chinos or jeans trousers.

After reading the above, we believe you should be convinced now that pink is a great colour for men.

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