If you love to be refferred to or seen as a fashionista then it isn’t just about wearing nice outfit to an event but rather the type of fashion statement you make. The impression you give at every event counts, whether formal or informal.

Wearing the latest brands or putting on all the top-notch and most expensive jewelries most times just won’t do, how well you combine your clothes and also your confidence when wearing them matters.

Here are a few important points that will always guide you to great fashion statement at any event you attend:

1. Know your size and body shape
The first and most important thing to note when dressing for an event is to make sure that whatever you are wearing is your perfect size and suits your exact body shape. Hence, knowledge of your size and body shape matters a lot.
Wearing baggy clothes that will hang loosely around your body frame, or very tight clothes that will make your buttons about to pop, giving off a very uncomfortable look, is not guaranteed to make a very good impression, especially when you hope to make new connections in a formal event.


Knowing your size  before shopping on or off line would not only make choosing the type of clothe to buy easier, but you also wears that suit you perfectly.

2. Keep it simple
You don’t have to wear clothes from the highest brand or renowned designer before appearing fashionable, you need to keep it simple. In fact, avoid too many flashy colors. Always try to blend your colored clothing perfectly with other neutral color hues in order not to appear too flashy or end up committing a fashion blunder. When creating a classic wardrobe, you have to likewise acquire classic outfits that would best complement your sense of style.
You need to keep it simple. There is beauty in simplicity.

3. Avoid wearing large brands frequently
Not surprising, it is quite possible to come out as appearing too vain or lustful for material things, especially if one have a tendency of going for designers, never appearing simple or casual. That would definitely not give you the supposed fashion statement you hope to make.
Avoid wearing large name brands. As the name implies, large name brands are those brands that have their logo written boldly across the particular fashion item. You don’t have to stamp it in people’s faces that you are a lover of fashion and that you have a sense if style. You need to keep every one guessing on who you are wearing, however, to the experienced eye, one would still know that you are wearing a designer, no matter how simple the attire may look. Avoid wearing name brands that have their logo or names boldly emblazoned across the clothing. This is most common for shirts, suits or shoes. It is quite possible to wear a designer whose logo is safely hdeen on the inseam or whose logo is small enough to not be instantly noticed, effectively drawing all the attention to itself. If you are trying to win over a contract, you would need all the attention on your person as you can, and having it on what you are wearing just won’t do, of course, wearing a designer is perfect but it has to suit your specific purpose and person and should also aid in the mission you are trying to accomplish.

4. Avoid wearing trendy pieces
Fashion items or clothing usually go out of trend easily from time to time, depending on the season or particular fashion trend. If you are trying to save your budget from collapsing easily you would need to to make an investment piece by buying fashion items that take longer to leave the fashion trend.

Fashion timeless pieces would definitely do the trick and at the same time, maximizing your budget and saving your money. If the particular clothes you are going to buy has every tendency of leaving the fashion trend quickly, just save your money.

5. Your personal grooming matters

Asides wearing the right clothes or buying the right shoes, how you groom yourself matters a lot. You have to make sure everything is on Fleek, which includes your hair and also your nails. You have to make sure your hair is perfect , there is no point wearing a perfect outfit if your outlook is tattered. Cut your hair appropriately or if you keep an Afro, make sure your hair is clean and well shaped.

Don’t forget to trim your nails properly, though this might not seem like something especially as the hands might not be easily seen, but it truly  matters. You might lose focus at some point and your fingernails show without your awareness. You might come across people who are very good at observing another in details as well.
So Wearing a designer outfit with dirty and unkept nails is a big no.

All these key points guarantee you making 100% fashion statement . You have to appear cool, collected and sophisticated  to make a fashion statement!

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