In as much as dull and neutral color tones or hues like black, grey, carton color, navy blue or brown have been associated with men fashion and also with their masculinity, the fashion trends are changing. For men, Orange is the new black! You doubt us? Then  read this.

Men are evolving in their fashion sense. Though men are suppose to be more conservative gender, especially when it comes to colors, recent times they have shown that the male gender is beginning to venture into brighter splash of colors and not only on those dull colors that they have been associated with.
Whether a small fashion item like the socks that is seemingly inconsequential, or a very noticeable fashion piece like the Jacket, men are definitely showcasing their unique fashion taste.

Bland colors are no longer considered the norm, there have been a revolution in color change. Orange is the new black.
Likened to the fruit which gives it it’s name, not just in the color but also in its fullness and warmth, Orange colored fashion items have been tagged the new fashion staple in men’s wardrobe.

There are several ways in which orange can be added to the outfit to serve as a splash of color that it definitely needs. Here, several ways of wearing orange have been outlined in which orange can be paired with the other colors and still make a fashion statement, while blending perfectly with the other articles:

1. Orange ties
Don’t want to appear too boring for a formal business meeting or a formal event like a gala or a dinner party, you can opt for a orange tie together with that conservative and fashionable suit that you are planning to wear, instead of the normal bland colored ties like black.

For example, if you decide to wear a navy blue colored suit, choose a bright orange tie, with a matching lapel pin or pocket clothes and you would be amazed at the wonderful effect the color is sure to add to your entire outfit.
The tie alone would make that fashion statement for you, without effort.

2. Orange socks
Surprised that we are starting with the seemingly inconsequential fashion items,they are of much importance. From their tiny vantage point, they have the ability to turn the look of your entire outfit around.
A perfect example of the fashion effectof orange socks is when you pair it with a carton or cream colored suit, complete with a matching best and tie to match, black shoes and our signature orange socks.
It would simply show that you are comfortable in your masculinity and have an excellent instinct for fashion. It sure would help if your aim is to impress with your sense of fashion.

3. Orange vests
Gradually, we are moving on to the more easily noticeable fashion items. Let’s talk about the orange vests.
Instead if that everyday waistcoat that you normally wear under your suits, you can leave that for the day and instead opt for a fashionable vest or sleeveless sweater.
Better still, you can choose an orange sweater. It is an explicit fashion piece that you would definitely love, especially when you see how you look in the mirror. No longer are bland or dull colored waist coats the in thing in the market, vests are and even more so, orange colored vests.

4. Orange colored slacks or suit
This is for the most daring and adventurous ones. Research, according to popular fashionista have shown that men are more comfortable with experimenting with brighter colored dress shirts and t-shirts and tend to deviate from equally bright colored trousers. You can put a disclaimer on that myth! Orange is the new black.

You can actually wear an orange colored trousers and get away with it, without commuting a fashion blunder.
The most daring of them all are those that can actually wear an all out orange suit with a dull yet matching colored dress shirt, waist coat and shoes. Now that is what we call fashion. You need to step out of your comfort zone and actually experiment with these numerous exciting colors, instead of hiding out in those bland colors that have long since been associated with men.

5. Orange colored backpacks and sweat pants
On a more casual note, you can’t go wrong with orange colored sweatpants or backpacks.
That’s why  orange is associated with Halloween, you can actually wear it in a sunny day for walks down the park or for your daily work out.
Asides the fact that the color is warm, it reflects your comfortability in your masculinity and also your self confidence.
To get a clearer look on this back pack, you should check out Raf Simon’s debut collection for Calvin Klein. The backpack he designed is so cool, with exposed zippers and a simple design, giving it a sporty vibe and at the same time appearing very fashionable.

When going for your next shopping spree, don’t hesitate when you come across an orange fashion item. You need to step out of your comfort zone and become adventurous in your test of colors. Orange is the new black!

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