A matured dressed man [ Source : Instagram- Noble Igwe]
A matured dressed man [ Source : Instagram- Noble Igwe]

The society’s definition of who men truly are, is in line with their level of maturity.

Before you can seen as a man out there you need to present yourself as one, so it all starts with you. There are some outfits you put on that lessens how matured you look, while some make you appear super composed and matured.

Ladies and even men love to be seen with a man who appears, determined, sophisticated, matured, wise and smart.
The above is the exact definition of MMF Trend men,so we need you to start dressing to fit the description. That’s the reason we have put together these tips to help you achieve it.

Read the tips below and put in into practice.
1. Get fitted suits

A fitted suit will make you appear smart and presentable at anytime and any day. Even when a little boy put on a suit, he will look cute and smart.  So, as a grown man, when you attend events or meetings in a firm looking suit, you will be accorded the respect you deserve and even more than that sometimes.
So suits are wears you should have in your wardrobe. Dark colours like deep blue , dark brown, deep green, black and other colours like grey, cream, among others will make you look matured.

2. You need quality pair of jeans
Go to clothing stores and get yourself great looking jeans with quality texture.
Look for three must have qualities, a slim fit, dark wash, and sturdy construction. Their durability will always make them worth their price tags .
With the above kind of jeans, you can pick on any ones you find appropriate and wear it  to different outings. Really jeans are another set of wears that present you as matured to people.

A matured dressed man [ Source : Instagram- Noble Igwe]
3. Buy nice pair of shoes

You need to get foot wears that will fit  both your jeans and corporate outfits, that’s your suit and pant trousers perfectly.
If you really want to appear matured, dont opt for athletic shoes for your jeans, leave that for the gym.
Instead of that reach for a pair of leather chukka boots that pack style and comfort. Ensure you keep both your jeans and corporate shoes looking very new and shining always

4. Wear Your Shorts Only When Appropriate
You need shorts in your closets as a  stylish man, but you  need to know when and where  to wear them.

When you wear them to appropriate places, you will definitely  appear sharp to people. Wear them to places like;  the mall to shop, to the beach,  among others. And you  still  give a slaying matured appearance to people.

5.Pay attention to little things

Paying detailed attention to every aspect of your outfit will make people appreciate and envy your
style. This exactly will always set you apart from others. The extra attention we are referring to comes down to your accessories. You need to buy accessories like sturdy tie bar, cufflinks, and a versatile white pocket square, to spice up your suit and some appropriate accessories to spice up your shirt and jeans as well.
So anyone sighting you from far off will have no doubt about your level of maturity as a man, because you will appear classy.

6. You need a leather bag
Some men like going around with logoed nylon messenger bag,which is only meant for the gym. Its not appropriate for  you to use it to complement  your matured dressing.

Its high  you replaced it with a simple and quality leather briefcase that’s label-free. This bag will suit your outfit well and make you appear very classy and matured.


If you the tips we mentioned above  to practice you  will always appear  unique, classy and matured out there.

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