Minimalism isn’t just a lifestyle choice, it can also be one’s personal style in how they dress and accessorise. It’s about having a minimalist aesthetic – this means sticking to a limited colour palette; having a simple silhouette to your clothing and keeping accessories to a minimum.

Adopting a minimalist style means having low-key but timeless pieces that work every day, no matter what’s fashionable at the time, and can make getting ready for the day pretty easy – as everything pretty much works together. Some “rules” that minimalist style enthusiasts follow includes;

1. Keep a monochromatic wardrobe. Black and white are the dominant colours; accent colours tend to be grey, navy or blush.

2. Stripes are the print of choice – again, in the neutral colours mentioned above.

3. Tailoring is key – pieces should look as if they were made especially for you.

4. Your idea of a going out dress is the LBD – in fact, it’s pretty much your go-to dress for any occasion.

5. Interesting cuts are what elevates your minimalist style to something special – a boxy cut makes your tee anything but basic; flared sleeves give your white blouse some drama.

6. Always have a black jacket and a black leather handbag at the ready.

7. Your shoe collection is mainly flats, slides or pumps, again in neutral colours – comfortable and ready to go at short notice.

8. Keep jewellery simple yet personal – solitaire diamond earrings; a thin gold necklace with a tiny pendant; delicate rings. No chunky cocktail rings or necklaces emblazoned with your name.

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