Ever got confused on what to buy for your spouse? Parents? Children? Or friends in festive seasons? This is a common dilemma faced by everyone as it is difficult getting something that another person will appreciate especially females who are very classy and fashionable one.
Chocolates doesn’t work anymore and buying of jewelries, although a worthy investment and an excellent choice, has become the norm and that extraordinaire feeling gotten from gifts.

As always we love to make things easy for you, so have discovered the best gift you can work with this season which would not only add a special touch, but would also leave a memorable thought of you with such person. We are not talking about jewelries, think monogramming.

Monogramming is a kind of motif that is made by combining, overlapping or joining two or more letters or drawings into one perfect symbol. Letters or words designs that you see on this game like soap, necklaces and other numerous items are examples of monograms.

Now, let’s give you a brief history on monogramming.

Monogramming or drawing were first noticed on coins as far back as 350BC. It has been around for some time and only gained prominence when the Greeks started using it in coins, comprising usually of the first two letters of the country’s name.

Over time, people began to understand it’s importance as well as its significance and crafts men and artists began to use it more and more know their sculptures and paintings not just as a fashionable touch but to personalize their items. Monograms can come in letters of different fonts and sizes each designed with different colors.

Don’t disturb yourself on what to buy this festive season, just try monogramming this festive season. It can be done on almost any object.

Here are some fashion items that you can monogram:

1. Rings
Nothing speaks of total devotion more than monograms on rings. Fashionable  rings, either engraved with large precious stones or beautiful in its simplicity, depending on the taste of whoever you want to give. You can choose to monogram the outside, where he is most noticeable or you can choose to write a special message, just on the inside of the ring, suggesting intimacy. These letters can be made with special stones, to match the ring or add design to it. This is a perfect gift for lovers.

2. Clothes
This is most common, especially Amongst newly weds. Special words like a nick name or pretty name can be written in different designs either at the front or the back.
You can even choose to write a personal message at the hem of the cloth.

3. Bags
Surprising, but bags can also be monogrammed. They can be done know such a way that they match perfectly with the design if the bag, making it appear as though it was made like that by the manufacturer.
Shoes can also be monogrammed to personalize and lay emphasis on who the shoe belong to.


4. Necklaces
Monogrammed necklaces bearing people’s names became trendy a few years back. Jewelers made monogrammed messages in form of names or special words into pendants that can be attached directly to the necklace or detached and worn separately with others. Bangles too or bracelets can also be monogrammed.

Monogramming is quite easy and has now become trendy. All you need is to to  find the best graphics designer that can help you with it within your vicinity or order online . Once you get one, give them  the message you want your object to carry and pick your best design. Then your gift is ready!

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