Look around you and observes that beautiful lady around you, did you notice her hand bag? Yes that’s what I am talking about. They carry it everywhere they go no matter the size (small, medium, big). When you see some ladies visiting a neighbor next door, you may think it’s a vacation from the size of her bag. Most women would feel naked without their handbags. Each occasion demands a different bag to match.

Well, no matter the size, all I know is that ladies go around with hand bags for different reasons. So many of the ladies I know are so in love with Fashionable Female hand bags. There is a feeling of self-confidence radiating through a woman who is carrying an authentic designer purse. Some women like to feel glamorous and fly. The question that prompted me to delve into research to write about this still remains “Why do you women love carrying Handbags of different designs and sizes?”

Women Need Hand Bags to Stay Organized

No, don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that women are generally disorganized. When I say ladies need their handbags to stay organized, I was just trying to point out the fact that ladies really need these handbags to keep their collections together ranging from their Fashion accessories, Clothing, Phones and tablets, Phone accessories, please help name the rest if you can remember some. When women started leaving the home, either for leisure and work, bags became a useful way of carrying their needed possessions.

“My bag contains my survival kit for daily life in the urban jungle – from mobile phone, tampons, make-up, money and keys, to hair straighteners, laptops, Blackberries, chewing gum, or a change of clothes” according to Jessica our Facebook follower in Kenya.

designs by Ngeri

To Show off Their Fashion Style

Why is it that women carry their belongings around and men just have their wallets? The female folks would rather have different collections of female handbags, purse, clutch purse etc. While using it as an important accessory to stay organized, they are still able to show off their fashion sense especially when they combine beautiful colors of dresses to match with the designers handbag. The way the right bag can make women feel goes far deeper than just being a way of carrying things around.

From observation, most women who buy designer bags with their own money for their own use often purchase it as a reward to themselves for working hard, saving up, celebrating a milestone, or even just to satisfy their shopping curiosity. Luxury handbags are designed so you can bring them nearly anywhere, in nearly any kind of clothing, and they will not look out of place.

For Emergencies

A woman’s bag is not a mystery and if you are aware what’s inside you will probably agree that these are not muck but necessary things. A woman knows how to care for her near and dear ones and she also knows how to care for her that’s why she knows what things she will need when out for work or leisure. Whenever you are going on an outing you surely take help from your wife or mother or any female relation around to pack up your bags, it’s because their sense of knowing things, without their help you would always miss on something.

Many of the guys I know who are in long-term relationships with women often rely on their partner’s purse to carry things they want to have with them when the couple is out together. But let me warn the men….it may be offensive to make unauthorized access into any lady’s bag. A friend of mine who tried that last week is still apologizing till now. If you need anything from her bag, seek for her permission. Well, I know our ladies will understand if it’s an emergency.

designs by Ngeri4

To Boost Self-Confidence

Studies have shown that good fashion is linked to self-esteem and the coolest people in fashion are the people that commit to their look and make no apologies. You will find there is something extremely liberating about being yourself in any environment. Women who stay organized at all time, tends to really have that huge confidence at all times. So you see why I said ladies handbags help them to stay organized and thus giving that Self-Confidence and sense of belong. I call them “Lady Boss”.

No wonder one of our read in Nigeria wrote on her Facebook wall “Handbags are easily my first love. Not that I own a lot, but what I do have are good quality that I get great pleasure from wearing and are built to last”.

I just made a short list to keep the article short as possible but I know they are more reasons so let’s share them in the comments section. All featured products can be purchased via the designer’s link. Follow this link to see more powerful designs.  Purchase and get shipment anywhere in the world.

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