Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection better known as NACK recently released campaign photos titled “The Lookman Campaign”. The Lookman Campaign depicts the style, freedom and confidence that every NACK man and woman depicts

The pieces are inspired by a man identified as LOOKMAN FALADE, a fisherman located in South-Western Nigeria, Northeast of Lagos and South-west of Abuja, Ibadan is the place he calls home. He is a hardworking fisherman who everyone refers to as mad. They may not be wrong. I mean, who dedicates everything to a life of fishing in Ibadan, a city drained by just 4 rivers – Ona, Ogebere, Ogunpa and Kudeti. In actuality, what everyone calls madness is actually his unrelenting determination towards his dreams.

Unbeknown to everyone, in his own little space, Lookman Falade is dedicated to curating, and creating his own story. His Nigerian story. His unrelenting and unapologetic nature, his style, freedom, and confidence is his new story is, and he is sticking to it. He refers to it as the New Nigerian Culture. His determination and dedication to the absurd is exactly what draws her to him.

She is more regal, he is more ruff. With her swaying hips, lips, and finger tips, she can get the world at the bat of an eyelid, yet she is helplessly in love with an Ijaw fisherman. At first glance, there should be nothing binding these two together, but the same amount of energy he puts into the art of fishing is equivalent to that which he uses to find and keep his woman.

Look-man! She screams in the throws of passion, knowing that can nobody do her like Falade. It is impossible for her to get enough. She knows it is not customary, or commonsensical, her attraction and dedication to him. Well that is the whole point.

Adorned effortlessly, she is attracted to his passion, while he is attracted to her appearance. She is not fussy about her clothing. The garments she wears are made to function in such a fashion that could be styled and restyled, to fit a particular occasion or fashion. Her elegance is derived from the careful and meticulous arrangement of NACK pieces of cloth, pinned, tucked, and tacked in all the right places. They are easy to wear, attractive, comfortable, exclusive, limited and colorful. It is the everyday comfort of a woman, and the comfortability within.

Despite the juxtaposition of their lives, the passion is what binds them. She refers to him as mad. It is interesting because she herself is for the better part of it – mad.

See photos of the campaign below;

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