We are in a world that prioritises slim figure, fitness and looking radiant as a top feature of being classy and beautiful. As a woman the quest to stay curve is an addition. As much as some try to celebrate the big, bold and beautiful, a large population of the world are yet to accept fatness as worthy enough to be affiliated with beauty. If you’re not having a slim figure with flat tummy and that very attractive look, then you’re not seen as a top class beauty.

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The challenge to stay in shape is presently a tough one for many, most especially women. As some can even empty their bank accounts just to achieve this. Some even adopt the starvation strategy. Whether or not you have tried the above explained, here are natural tips from MMF Trend which will cost you less to achieve your staying in shape goal. These tips will also help you stay healthy and also improve your lifestyle.

1. Know Your Best Food Gauge: You need to understand that eating certain portion of food can help support your weight loss and eradicate fat. It isn’t healthy to always want to get your belly filled up every time, rather be after eating healthy.
Even times when you skip meals because of busy schedule or other reasons don’t practice the act of quantifying the meals you missed, to add it up with your one time meal. Most times men are caught practicing, but it’s wrong. This doesn’t help kill hunger, it only leads to storing too much fat and undigested food in your body system . Take only the best portion of healthy food that makes you feel satisfied, light and good to start your daily routine.

2. Eat Healthy Always: Research has shown that those who skip breakfast and eat fewer times a day tend to be heavier than people who have a healthy breakfast and eat 4 or 5 times a day. It has also been scientifically proven that a high-protein breakfast could be the key to slimming as it keeps you feeling full, and controls your appetite effectively. Cereal with milk, yogurt, boiled eggs, highly proteinous smoothies are great for breakfast. Fibre-rich foods like oatmeal and sandwiches on whole-grain bread with coffee or green tea are powerful antioxidants that promote fat burning.

For the rest of the day, make such you stay clear from fatty foods. You’re tempted most times to each fast food junks, but that one food you should stay clear off. Also stop taking sodas, most times they aid obesity. Instead all this, substitute fries with a fruit, yogurt or salad, grilled versions of fried foods. Instead of products made from refined grains, choose products like whole-grain pasta, whole-grain bread, whole-grain cereals and brown rice like Ofada in Nigeria.

3. Take Detoxifying Drinks: To stay in shape, it a good idea to start your day by drinking warm water mixed with lemon juice. It improves digestion, flushes out toxins, balances the pH levels and helps you maintain a healthy weight. You can also add raw honey or natural sweeteners.
You can also drink smoothies with lots of detoxifying ingredients to support your body’s natural detoxifying abilities.

4. Engage in exercises: When you engage in all this fat burning tips, you must complement it with exercise to burn calories well. Exercises such as running, jogging, swimming, dancing, aerobics or cycling should be practiced regularly. You can also try some simple but very effective exercises like such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking long distance.

5. Reduce Stress: Many don’t know this but stress has been proven as one of the most common factors contributing to weight gain because it increases the rate at which your body stores fat and reduces your ability to burn fat.
The release of cortisol during stress increases appetite, causing people to reach for comfort foods. Also, stress makes you crave sugar because sweet and high-fat foods stimulate the brain to release chemicals that increase pleasure.
Instead of fighting stress with emotional eating, try relaxation exercises like deep breathing, yoga and meditation. Include more foods rich in vitamins B and C, magnesium and calcium in your diet. A deficiency of these nutrients can cause an increase in your cortisol levels and food cravings.
Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce stress and aggression, increase metabolism and facilitate weight loss. So, eat more oatmeal, almonds, avocados, oranges, berries, whole-grains, spinach, skim milk and yogurt to beat stress in a healthy way.

If you practice our tips regularly till it becomes part of you, you won’t have to worry about how to staying in your shape and looking radiant look anymore because  you will have just  what you want.

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