It is quite common to see individuals, especially ladies with multi-toned legs where the upper part wi be lighter than the lower part.
This is more common in individuals that put on bottom wears or sleeveless tops that expose some part of their body to the sun.So the exposed parts end up developing a darker tan than the covered parts.
When this occurs frequently occurs frequently it becomes a problem to some individuals especially ladies who love their skin even toned. Then most end up opting for bleaching products.
Although bleaching can help to achieve the desired effect, the chemical compounds present in these creams may have adverse effects on the skin later on because it literally rips off the first layer of the skin.

Because we understand that even toned skin are caused by over exposure to UV rays or as a residual effect of cream. We decided to do an indepth on the natural ways to get your skin even.

They are:

1. Use honey and sugar
This is a perfect exfoliator. It not only works on the face but also on other parts of the body, sugar especially brown sugar has uneven crystalline structure that makes it the most ideal to scrub off dead skin cells that are usually found in too the first layer of skin. These skin cells may block the skin pores, leading to the accumulation if dirt that may darken the skin and cause reactions.
The honey in the mix soothes the skin . it has rejuvenating properties that helps to keep the skin clear. Radiant and even toned.

How To Use It
Mix 3 table spoons of sugar and two table spoons of honey. Mix well till the honey us everywhere and not one-sided. Apply to the affected area and scrub slowly. Ensure not to scrub harshly so as not to irritate the skin.
Scrub for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse away with warm water. Do this for a week or two everyday and watch for results.

2. Ripe tomato and lemon juice

Studies confirmed that lemin has natural bleaching properties that can even the skin tone without any effects.
Ever heard your parents say ‘eat your tomatoes, it is good for your skin?’ They were right, tomato helps to make the akin supple and firm. Ensure however that that tomato used is ripe.

How To Use It
Blend a ripe tomato until smooth and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Leave for a few minutes and wash off. This method is also very effective.

3. Aloe vera
Aloe vera is also good for clearing sark spots and evening out the skin tone. The gel found in the inside is what is needed.

How To Use It
Get a fresh aloe vera, scoop out the gel and blend till smooth then apply to the affected area.
Instead of blending, when aloe vera is cut, a slimy juice is noticed. You can use this juice also instead of going through a long and tedious process.

4. Milk, lemon juice and honey

We know, this is a face mask. But guess what? It is also very efficient for use in your body and you don’t need to worry about adverse effects

How To Use It
Take one table spoon each of the three ingredients and stir well till a fine paste is gotten with even texture ( ensure there are no lumps ).
For the face- apply for about 30 minutes to the face a d leave for about 20 minutes then wash off.
For the body- apply in the same manner, only leave for a longer period. About 30 minutes should do, to ensure effect and wash off. This linger period is because the facial skin is usually more sensitive than the other parts of the body and requires utmost care.

All these natural methods are  efficient and exposes your  skin to  no damage, but leaves  it very healthy and supple.

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