Many understand that sunburn occurs as a result of too much exposure of their face and body to sun rays.

The danger of having frequent sunburn is higher than what many think. The advice you get from loved ones or medical practitioners to stay out of sun or use plenty of sunscreen to block ultraviolet (UV) rays from touching you, is mainly to protect you from skin cancer .

But now that you’re aware that excessive sun causes skin cancer, it is still not possible  for to stay away from the sun totally.

So, in this case, all you need to do is to find the right balance, so that even when you expose your skin to sun rays, you will know when to leave to avoid getting burnt. Sun exposure can only be beneficial  when it’s done in appropriate and measured timeframes.

Excessive sun exposure provides no benefit and can only result in damage like sunburn, which is an inflammatory response in your skin to UVB overexposure. However, UVB exposure is precisely what you want, in appropriate amounts, because when UVB strikes the surface of your skin, your skin converts a cholesterol derivative into vitamin D3.

The benefits of optimizing your vitamin D is the reduction in cancer risk both skin cancer and many other types of cancer.


Below discussing the natural  ways you can cure sunburn , let’s take you through  the signs and symptoms that will help you detect it easily:

1. If you’re a light skinned, when you notice redness on your  skin,  it’s a sign of sunburn.
2. Feeling  uncomfortable when your skin gets touched or rubbed against clothes.

3. When you feel peeling or flaking on your  skin
4. When you feel extreme dryness or wrinkling on your  skin.

These are few of the symptoms you get and ,they are frequently but not immediately visible. They become obvious a few hours after overexposure. They tend to be most painful in the first 24 hours.


Now let’s talk about the natural ways  to cure sunburn:

1. Apply raw aloe vera

One of the most effective first-aid strategies to treat sunburn is to  apply raw aloe vera gel topically to the burn. It’s loaded with powerful glyconutrients that accelerate healing.

After cutting the leaf from the plant, you want to first cut off the prickly edges. Then peel the skin off one side. You can now rub the jelly side directly on your sunburn.  Apply it five times a day until your condition improves.

2. Apply Potatoes

They have starch-based compounds that may help soothe sunburn. Cut an uncooked potato into slices, and rub or pat down a piece on your sore sunburned spots. You can also try grating a cold raw potato and applying it as a poultice.

3. Apply Honey

Get an original honey that’s   raw organic honey, which has very potent medicinal qualities.  Apply it on your  burn directly to  treat it.
4.Apply Vinegar

The acetic acid found in vinegar is said to reduce pain, itching, and inflammation. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar into your bath water and soak your burned skin into it. It can also work like a natural aspirin. Simply dab a bit of white vinegar on to your sunburn for 20 minutes of instant pain relief.

5.Apply Green tea

Green tea’s catechin and tannic acid help soothe sunburn pain. Soak a couple of tea bags in cool water. You can either use the tea bags themselves as a cold compress on the burnt areas, or wash your face gently with the cold tea extract. Studies also suggest that drinking just two cups of green tea a day can provide additional sun-protective benefits.
6. Apply sliced Cucumbers

With cucumber’s cooling effect, simply putting it on top of your sunburns is guaranteed to provide instant soothing effects. You can also use it as a paste by mashing it and applying it on your skin.

7. Apply Lettuce

To take advantage of lettuce’s painkilling benefits, boil its leaves in water. After straining, allow the liquid to cool. Keep it chilled inside the refrigerator. Using clean organic cotton balls, carefully apply the lettuce juice over the affected area.

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