Jon Ogah
Jon Ogah

Over the years in the Nigerian music industry and Africa at large, there hasn’t been an era as such a time we are in now. A time when the computer with complimenting technological advancement has changed and disrupted just about everything.

Every aspect of the world sectors not just the entertainment sector is being shaking to the core. This in turn has changed so much about how we do things. Also more opportunities have been created while old and obsolete ways of doing things are gradually fading away so fast.

So a whole lot of people who do not upgrade to meet up with the new way of doing things to keep up with the technological tide, may not see results in their efforts no matter how much they invest.

Every artist needs a platform to grow. Be you a fresh talent, an old person in the game or maybe you are still considering going into the music industry. In the past such platform and sophisticated infrastructures are being put in place for talented artists by record labels.

TMESHOFLIFE - Follo – Prod. by Tlife
TMESHOFLIFE – Follo – Prod. by Tlife

Download Song: TMESHOFLIFE – Follo – Prod. by Tlife


But with the advent of the internet, the music industry has been disturbed. Not so much in a good way for record label owners but at least some good news for the Indie artist. Especially the fresh talents in the market probably could not be discovered by big record labels.

What it means for those who understand the game of the new music era fast encroaching this part of the world, is that you can produce your music with or without the huge presence of a record label.

There has also been the case of a single artiste working with multiple labels to build a more better career path. So little or not input from the so called sophisticate companies doesn’t really matter any more. Artist can also control revenue as they desire.

Wizkid on stage
Wizkid on sta

No doubt artist can do a whole lot on their own these day. The availability of recording equipment and devices has made it so easy for anyone to record at will but the dangers is also imminent.

Yes, it is an era where people churn out just about anything and tag it music. I must not be a recording artist to let you know that talents that are not good must always die off. No matter the amount of effort and resources that was staked.

This was the same reason record labels were so tough for fresh artist to access. Because no company is ready to waste resources on an artist that will yield no return of investment (ROI).

Sad to say that record labels who could not upgrade their mood of operation and change business model when the internet of a thing hit the music industry, ended up killing the talents of their artist and in turn went packing.

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An Indie artist or simple called Independent artist, is a music artist who is independent of any exclusive record label or distribution deal but in an actual sense, the concept of an Indie artist doesn’t mean he/she is unsigned. An unsigned artist is different from an Indie artist.

There has been cases where an artist records his song and distribute on different platform individually. The concept of Indie artist goes deep into forming a team. A formidable team ready to take up major aspects of the work to build your career path.

This team provides strategic planning not necessarily to match those provided by big record labels. But with great work from the right team, an Indie artist will still deliver if he/she is talented.

Technology has changed the way we make and distribute music. As well as the way we make money from our music.

As an indie artist, this is great opportunity to make good music and make good money in return.

You must be talented, never forget that. And then you need a good team. To carry out basic talent management task to enable you make it big time in the music industry.

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