Tennis super star, Serena Williams has announced that Nike, a sportswear company in the United States will be naming its new headquarters -one of their biggest buildings yet- after her.

Serena revealed this in an emotional Instagram post earlier yesterday. She took out time to count her blessings in the year 2017. From winning a grand slam, having a baby and getting married. She also made a huge announcement, that Nike will be naming one of its new headquarters after her.

The sports company had earlier in the day announced on its website, plans to expand its campus in Beaverton, Ore with four new buildings, including three named after some of its most prominent and impactful sports figures.

There will be one building named after 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena, another will be named after two-time Olympic gold medal runner Sebastian Coe and a fitness center will be named after the five-time national championship winning coach Mike Krzyzewski. The fourth new building going up will be a parking garage to celebrate the sporting heritage of New York City.

She shared a photo of the building on her Instagram account with the caption;

Nike’s New Headquarters To Be Named After Serena Williams

“What a year it has been. First a grand slam win followed by a awesome baby… than the most magical wedding. What next? How about a building!!… Nike announced yesterday that one of its new world headquarters buildings will be named after me. It will be the biggest on campus and is scheduled to open in 2019. I am honored and grateful! #TeamNike @nike”

The building named after Serena, which will be the biggest on the campus, will cover more than one million square feet and is expected to open in 2019. While the building named after Coe, the fitness center named after Krzyzewski and the new garage will open in 2018.

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