The colour of your outfit is telling people  something about  you!

Though many are not aware of this,and thats one of the reasons we are here.
At MMF Trend we find pleasure in enlightening our readers and fashion lovers on all they need to know about things they care about and slay at the same time.

Based on research we will explain what some colours of your outfit means,so you can choose the colour that will be inline with the self image you wish to convey at your next outing.

Read below:

Black Speaks Power and Authority
Wearing a black outfit  signifies power and authority,  and thats what anyone who comes across you sees.
The color is both slimming and versatile; as a female, when worn on a date it is elegant and chic, and when worn in the boardroom it makes you appear bossy.

A man wearing a complete black suit communicates the power and authority he has in his field of knowledge or practice. When next you’re attending a meeting and you wish to appear confident like someone in charge, wear a black outfit.
Though black is also associated with mourning and sadness, but what you want wearing the colour to communicate to people is a thing of choice. Which  lies in your style and charisma.

White Portrays Being Organised 
If you want people to see how neatly organised you are with your things. Then  wearing a white outfit  is your best bet.
But be reminded, for you to stay on top of your game and slay in your white outfit anywhere and at any time you have to keep it all clean and crispy.
If you’re sure you’re the type of person who falls into this category and can handle the slaying condition, then you can try it out on a job interview in a creative field. You cal also wear it to a dinner with your parents or your  inlaws. There’s no better way to show them you’ve got your things together.

Green Shows  Creativity
Research as shown that the colour green appeases people’s senses on a primitive level.
It communicates fertility, water-rich environment, above freezing temperatures, and enough food to survive. Have you every view a farm from a long distance? What does  the togetherness of those  grren leaves say to you? Natural shades of green are calming and reassuring.
One study found that colour green could even spark innovativeness. In the study, participants were given two minutes to come up with as many uses for a tin can as they could. Before they began, half the group was shown a white rectangle, and the other half a green one. Participants in the green group came up with the more interesting, imaginative answers.
So the next time you need to inspire your team, go for a bold green print. And also if you want to appear as a creative person play with the colour green on your outfit.

Blue Conveys Competence
Lots of recruitment experts have considered Navy blue has one of the best colours to wear on a job interview.
According to a Career Builder survey of 2,099 hiring managers, interviewees wearing blue were considered team players. The color symbolizes relaxation, loyalty, confidence, and control.
So there’s  a high  change1 of being  hired whe. you wear a blue  outfit to your  next interview. Because your  appearance will give  you a pass mark even before you’re given  the chance  to prove  your level of competence for the role  you applied for.

Red Leads to Romance
Have you ever imagine why Red was designated has the best and dominant colour for Valentine? Thats because its brings the sensation of love, affection and romance.
So anytime you’re putting on a red outfit for a dinner or an event, you’re communicating how affectionate and romantic you’re to your spouse and  people around.

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