The wet season is here! We understand many might not be conscious of the best outfit to wear this rainy season, so we have decided to put together this article to guide you on how best to dress and get ready for the season.

One  thought we want you to hold onto is, no matter how beautiful and alluring some of your wears and accessories look, they might just be wrong for this season. A day that’s meant to be bright and fulfilled for your can be messed up if you’re caught up with the rain you didn’t prepare for.
Here are tips from MMF Trend To Guide Your Outfit This Season:

Embrace dark colour wears: Your best colours of clothes and foot wears for this season shouldn’t be bright.

 If you truly want to stay neat and classy throughout a rainy day then dark colour wears should be your top choice. Colours like black, dark blue, dark brown, among many others should be considered best.

Bright colours can easily attract dirt and make you appear unkempt quickly.

Choose Versatile wears: Your choice of clothes this season should be those that can easily fit into any weather comfortably. For instance, clothes made with cotton can protect you from cold and also be suitable for the weather after the heavy downpour stops.

And off course long sleeve outfits and sweat tops should be considered part of for your daily wears as well.


Go for comfortable and water proofed foot wears: This isn’t the season where you walk streets, go to work or the mall with your luxurious leather shoes. Your choice of footwear should be one that can resists water and still look good. Any other option only means you’re reducing the durability of your wears.

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Do away with heels, flat and comfortable shoes are the best for this period. The only time you should be comfortable using your leather shoes in this season is when you’re sure you won’t have to walk where there are no roof covers or on wet grounds. That is; you move from your car to the dry part of your destination.

If not, the best for this season is to look out for classy foot wears made with rubber; they are enough to substitute your leather shoes throughout the season.

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Add an umbrella/raincoat to your accessories: In the rainy season after dressing up and fixing all needed accessories, don’t ever forget to go with a strong umbrella, or an oversized raincoat that can cover your outfit completely, it is seriously needed. You need to save yourself from getting unnecessary wet and being exposed to cold which can lead to cough and flu.
Also, make sure your of choice accessories are those ones that won’t get spoilt easily when they get wet.

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