Yay! It’s Friday guys, we know it’s not only ladies that attend weddings and other form of ceremonies during the weekend but our men do too.

Most people car about ladies looking all gorgeous and classy to occasions, that’s why the put many tips  out there to guide them. We want our  men  looking stylish too and that’s why we have put this together.
As a man if your decision  is to embrace your culture and  choose a native attire for an event you’re  attending , we believe you can slay in it as well if you appear classy.
Here are Tips To Guide You In Choosing Your Owambe Outfit:

1. Smart look is golden

Most guys aren’t always so concern about how fit their outfits look. To slay and pull up some drama at that Owambe you’re attending over the weekend, you have to be conscious of how smart your outfit looks on you. Your outfits should be fitted enough to present your shape well to people. Don’t overdo things by making your wears too tight.

Stylish owambe attire By Noble Igwe [Instagram]

2. Keep it simple

As much as we want you to look classy, you have to keep your outfit simple. Don’t have too much accessories on or rather wear an outfit with too many colours. The goal isn’t to be flashy, but stylish. Don’t go to an occasion looking like a masquerade all in the name of being stylish.
3. Go for classy pair of shoes

People can easily spot your shoes, so you have to ensure they complement your wears very well. You should also be keen about how clean and sharp your shoes look when attending any occasion. This is how you present yourself as a man of taste. Make it an habit to keep your pair of shoes in good condition always.
4.Choose style over brand name

Don’t purchase an item you need just because of the brand name, you have to be sure its stylish enough to fit into your planned outfit . Going for a Gucci because it’s a known brand and not considering if the style and quality is suitable for you can lead to a bad choice and a misfit.
5. Dont be too trendy

Don’t be in a rush to pick an outfit or accessory for your event because it’s in vogue. Beware of buying something just because it’s “in” right now, stick to what you truly love and feel comfortable in. A lot of people rush to get in on the latest trend and end up with a bunch of clothes they don’t wear because it doesn’t look stylish on them like they thought
6. Upgrade your shave

Even if your fashion is golden, an unkempt beard can kill your outfit for that event. So get a perfect shave ahead of your Owambe.

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