Choosing to love fashion or being stylish isn’t just about you wooing people or gaining people’s attention but rather it has some significant personal benefits.So if you choose to dress well these are some benefits you get from it:

1. It’s a sign of self-improvement

Wearing clothes that suit your stature and fit you perfectly is a great first step towards improving your overall lifestyle.
A great hairdo or haircut can do wonders too. It makes people start treating you differently, because they will surely notice something has changed about you. It might inspire you to eat better, work out more, or pursue the kind of job and life you really want. And in all, it makes you live happily.

Uche Nnaji [Source: Instagram]
2. It shows you take care of yourself

When you dress well and make yourself presentable to people you’re simply telling them you care about yourself.
It gives people the impression that you’re someone who is in charge of your own destiny, and not afraid to take risks. It makes it obvious you know what you want out of life, and that you’re   ambitious enough to work towards personal goals.
In plain terms, it shows you respect yourself well enough.

3.Its a sign of self-confidence
Don’t you get that feeling of self awesomeness when you wear clothes that you’re super cool and comfortable with?
After dressing up and you look at yourself in the mirror, and you see yourself  looking stunning , that thought is going to stick with you all day.
Clothes really do make you that man or woman you want to be. You will be bold enough to go about your daily chores and normal routine.

4.Its a sign of paying attention-to-detail
Employers are very keen about people who pay attention to details. When you dress stylishly to a job interview, in a way it shows you know more than just the basics. Because you will have surely made use of your intelligence so as to dress to suit the purpose you’re out for.
Being presentable probably applies to the nitty-gritty of any job you will be assigned to you as well.

5. It helps you appreciate finer things.
Great style is a gateway towards good design in general. Not just clothing but you will extend your appreciation to things like furniture, gadgets buildings among others.
Believe it or not, there may come a day when you don’t buy as much clothes but you will pick the best due to your taste. It will even make you appreciate quality piece of art.

6.It earns you respect
Dressing stylishly makes you appear bossy which means people are more likely to treat you like one. You’ve probably heard you should dress for the job you want, or how you want to be addressed and it’s true, you should.
Dressing the part is just one step towards self-actualization.

7. It draws the right kind of attention to you
A well-dressed man or woman  looks put together, without totally standing out from the crowd. Your outfit should tell people “there’s something awesomely different about this man or woman but I can’t quite put my finger on it, and I want to go talk to him.” It should  make the people attracted to you.

8.  It helps you make a great first impression
The secret to being successful? Make yourself memorable. A great personality means people will like you, but combined with on-point style, it means they won’t be able to forget you.
So when next you’re going for a meeting,attending an event or going to present your  business idea somewhere ensure that you dress  stylishly enough so as to create a great first impression.And infact when your spouse is taking home to his or her parent, you should dress stylish for a great  impression as well.

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