When you emulate the habit of preparing not just your outfit but, every other thing you need before a week kick starts, you will enjoy a ‘no worry’ and stress-free life.

Many are always so lazy to do this, but if you can eradicate that laziness and be determined to organize your things ahead, you will be very happy with the decision. And as you practice it frequently it becomes a part of you that you love.
If anything comes up in a week and you couldn’t it, you will be very angry because that week you have to think about what to wear every morning or save yourself by squeezing out time within your usual sleeping hour.

Now we are not saying after arranging you will always stick to what you pick for each day. There will be rare times you will prefer to wear what you chose for Thursday on a Tuesday due to unforeseen situations like weather change or urgent meeting or rather based on how you feel that day. But it will still be within what you arranged outfit.

What about the day, you wake up very late? Don’t you think an organized outfit can save the day?
Here are tips on how to go about it from MMF Trend:

1. Create a clear space

you need a substantial space to lay out all your clothes, you can make use of your bed also. Make sure your space is enough to bring out the entire clothes you can assess for the week. Bring out the clothes from your closet and place them on the created space, you should also add your accessories too. Remember to create the space you keep put your outfit as you arrange them.

2. Start with your best wears

It can be very overwhelming when you have lots of clothes to choose from, so the best way to kick start is to pick your best wears. Look through all you have, select your best outfits and separate them from the rest in a different space, which you created earlier. When you have finally pick for the outfit for the next 5-6 days depending on your routine, proceed by matching them with the best accessories and foot wears.

3. Fine-tune your selected outfit

After the first stage picking, check all outfits, accessories and foot wears you matched them with again, to be sure they are okay. For the ones you find not too fit, check your other wears for better matches. After thorough satisfaction, arrange them accordingly for easy access. Make sure they are ironed as well.

Lo and behold a beautiful week awaits you!

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