Hello beautiful people, lets talk about getting rid of that awful body odour of yours.
We are sure you don’t see it as awful only but shameful as well,because you have lost count of  times the smell made you experience embrassment . Though you have tried all you could to get rid of  it but ots being hard.

Dont worry we understand all you’ve been through and we got your back.
Now let’s start by shedding more light on the causes  of body odour . Though many times people seem to experience the smell when they dont take proper care of theirselves but you must understand that sometimes it occurs after an effect of a serious medical disorder. So if after serious efforts of eradicating it before now and after trying our tips,the smell doesn’t stop then it is important that you see a doctor in order to rule out other, potentially serious possible such as Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Constipation, Calcium Deficiency among others.
 Here are MMF Trend’s tips on how best to get rid of body odour:

1.You need to maintain proper personal hygiene:

This is the first step of all tips, If you have some bad body odour, you should shower or bathe at least twice a day and use a good antibacterial soap.

After bathe dry your armpit very well and make use of very good deodorant . It’s also important to only use your body towel once. After you rub them all over your body, they become filled with skin cells, oils, sweat, and other nasties things. When you use that same towel again then you’re returning them to your skin and giving them the freedom to feed more on you,and surely your body odour continues. So to get rid of the awful smell its necessary you practice the right hygiene, if it this means you need to get between 2 to 5 towels for your personal use then its perfect.
One more thing! get rid of the hair in your armpit before it grows so much, because excessive  hair would contribute to your stink, it will also hinder deodorant from penetrating into your skin.

2. Do away with some particular foods and drinks:
Some things you love to consume can be your worst enemies as far as body odour is concerned. Because your body exudes toxins through your skin, so things you eat can make you stink.
One of those things you shouldn’t eat , is red meat. And for obvious reasons, you should try to avoid things like garlic and onions.
Also avoid coffee and any other caffeinated beverage because tgey are bad for body odour as well.  Caffeine can cause excessive sweating.

Other things to avoid are fatty foods, fried foods, refined sugars, and overly processed foods. If you have a fishy smelling body odor, there’s a good chance your body has a hard time processing choline. Choline is a nutrient found in fish, eggs, liver, and beans.
Then finally, you really should avoid alcohol and tobacco, too.

3.Foods You Should Eat More:

If you’re already use to eating the foods and drinks we mentioned earlier, we know it going to be hard to do away with them, but this is where your self discipline sets in. If you really want to getting rid of your bad body odour then you have to be determined to stop eating them from this moment.

More so, there are still plenty of good foods available that do not contribute to body odour. Almost all fruits and vegetables fall into that category, especially foods that are high in chlorophyll (a natural purifier and odor eliminator) like spinach, and other leafy greens. Breads and nuts are good, also. Like we earlier mentioned don’t eat foods that are highly processed, so focus more on natural foods.

4.Find ways to sweat:

The reason you’re having serious body odour is because your body is exuding smelly toxins that make you stink, so it would make sense to get rid of them by helping yourself sweat more so as to clear your pores of those toxins more quickly.
One obvious way to do is by exercising, you can also sweat much by having hot bath, sitting in a sauna or a hot tub for a while. Whatever you do to achieve sweating, make sure you shower afterwards and wash the stink off. Ensure you dry off your body well and drink lots of water so it helps to flush your system.

5.You should relax more :

You need to relax more than you stress yourself, because stress stinks. When you stress yourself  so much you will get so sweaty and stinky which can make you even uncomfortable.

Also while you work, make sure your environment is chilling and not hot.Ensure that you engage in more relaxing activities that will keep you refreshed everytime.
Also ensure you sleep well too, it is a get form of relaxing and anytime you want to sleep, wear clothes that you’re comfortable in which will not cause you to sweat too much,and ensure you don’t go to bed dirty.

If you practice  our tips regularly you should be able to conquer  body odour  within  few months if the main cause is improper hygiene.

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