Transparent shoes and bags give showing off a new meaning. In the age of oversharing, no accessory gets the job done quite like a clear bag.

PVC and plexiglass accessories have received a super-chic upgrade for the past few seasons. From a transparent tote bag to a lucite heel and no-secrets clutch, see-through accents give your look a playful and animated injection. But be warned: with great transparency comes even greater responsibility and an essential checklist of advantages and disadvantages. Read on if you intend to go clear this season.


1. You learn the art of editing: A transparent clutch ensures that only a fuss-free collection of your bare essentials be on display. Extra plus: you won’t be digging around thinking you’ve lost your phone every 10 minutes.

2. It Doesn’t Match? No Worries: Clear accessories mean you have the freedom to wear what you like without needing the pause for consideration about accessory-matching your outfit.

3. Rain-Friendly: with the raining season coming soon, plastic and PVC make the perfect wet weather accoutrements for their don’t-worry-be-happy wearability.


There’s nowhere to hide. Who doesn’t carry their entire life around in their handbag? A transparent clutch or tote means you need to be on your A-game when it comes to your bag content. Stick with a slim card wallet, phone and lipstick. Less is more in transparent town. Your entirely see-through handbag should only reveal a neatly curated interior

In the age of Instagram, accessories are more crucial than ever. Think about it: When you’ve run out of cute selfies, what do you ’gram next but your brand-new shoes, handbag, or sunglasses. Look out because we will see more transparency in bags, shoes and slippers this year.


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