Jennifer Jarosik, the aspiring documentary filmmaker who accused Def Jam boss, Russell Simmons of rape has asked the court, yesterday the 25th of April to drop the lawsuit.

Jennifer Jarosik had earlier in January sued the founder of Def Jam Recordings for 10 millions dollars, claiming he’d sexually assaulted her after she denied his advances.

Jennifer Jarosik claims in the lawsuit that Simmons invited her to his house in 2016 and propositioned her for sex, which she refused. She says Simmons became aggressive, pushed her onto his bed and as she fought back, he allegedly knocked her off the bed, hit her in the head and pounced on her. She says she was in “shock and fear” and he proceeded to rape her.

Simmons, in his court filing, said he and Jennifer had known each other for a decade, and that she would make unsolicited requests for his help on various entertainment projects — including a documentary, reality television shows and children’s books. He offered encouragement, offered to donate a few thousand dollars to one project, and asked a friend who was a documentary filmmaker to help out with her documentary.

Jennifer Jarosik Russell Simmons

The long-time entertainment figure said that on the occasions when they had sex, it was consensual.

Both Simmons and Jarosik asked that the case be dismissed, suggesting some settlement had been reached. According to docs, the suit was dismissed with prejudice, meaning she can’t refile.

The dismissal comes a couple weeks after Simmons filed a pretty strong response to the lawsuit, claiming Jennifer had sent him text messages and nude photos after the alleged assault. In the docs, he said Jennifer was just out for a cash grab.

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