Young Nigerian Rapper from the south South of Nigeria, Yung6ix Isn’t Finding popular Comedian, Akpororo’s Joke funny.

Yung6ix otherwise known as the King of the South has recently being spending rather unwisely and the comedian deemed it fit to call him out, perhaps because they both hail from Delta state.

The rapper recently visited a popular Nightclub in lagos and the amount of money he reportedly spent in one night raised eyebrows.

The dreadlocked star took to his Snapchat account to detail how he and his friends went clubbing and after they were done, their bill was a massive N3.866million.

And since then, many have reacted to the news negatively, including the renowned comedian Akpororo who went further as he took to stage to mock Yung6ix during a recent performance. He said instead of spending that money on drinks, why doesn’t he spend the money to get himself a hit song?

Obviously, Yung6ix wasn’t having any of it and he took to Twitter to speak his mind. See his tweets below:

“High StR ✔ @Yung6ix
Na wah oh this life sha even Akporo that I see as a big bro hating on me. You’ll never know who wants to see you fall. God is with us.”

Yung6ix’s hypeman and DJ has also taken to his Twitter account to bash the comedian for using Yung6ix as the butt of his joke. He also drags the Comedian’s wife and child into the issue.

I will go ballistic on you if you ever take a shot at @Yung6ix . Akpororo you and 6ix are not mates,he’s waaaaaay ahead of you”

“If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones cc @akpororo”

Admist all the rocket, the comedian is yet to respond and we’re patiently waiting for his response.

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