One could have thought those thin, spiky stilettos would take over the fashion scene for a very long time, but this notion was proven wrong with the worldwide obsession of fashionistas over block heel shoes.


Unlike the grandma-owned looking block heels of before, new classy designs was introduced to the fashion scene about three years ago, and many fashionista were worn over.
This happened because of many reasons, which are attached to the features of these block heels and their benefits.

Let’s explore some of the reasons which have led to much love for block heel shoes:

1. They are versatile

block heel shoes are perfect for all outings ranging from outdoor weddings to walking from one meeting to the next. You can always wear them to work at any time, either you have to catch your staff bus early or you are driving down, you need no extra comfy foot wears. Their versatility also extends to things you can wear them with. You wear them with various types of clothes ranging from , from skirts to skinny jeans to dresses and more.This shoe style has proven to be more than just an advancement of the past; but also a glance into the future.


2. They are very comfortable to wear

You don’t need that thiny high heel that gives you the elegance you need that later causes pain to your legs anymore. A block heel will give you that confident, lifted feeling you need. Isn’t it wonderful that you can actually walk comfortable in your heels? That’s the magic that comes with block heel.

3. They are unique, chic and classy

The new designs of block heels available in the market presently have varieties of unique designs which will make you look chic and classy any time any day. This is a superb feature that you don’t want to miss as a fashionista.

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4. It does damage your health

Apart from being extremely chic and trendy, block heel are great for our physical health, some school experts confirmed it. Besides the fact that the block heel is better for your foot health, the reason that the square heel has become so trendy as of late is because the style can go with just about any outfit and is appropriate for any event unlike stilettos that sometimes cause back and foot pains, block heels would cause no pain at all.

5. They boost your confidence

While heels can positively alter your appearance, perhaps nothing is more important than the self-confidence good footwear offers. If you’re petite, just like your thiny high heels, block heel shoes can make you feel more authoritative, especially among a tall group. Block heel shoes also give you the freedom to change outfits without lugging along several changes in footwear. You will be confident knowing your shoes can carry you stylishly through your job, as well as casual after-hours events.

6. Sexy and smarter physique
Apart from helping women reach new heights. But your pair of blocks heels may also give you a slimmer physique. When you wear tall shoes, your body shape responds by arching the back. Your backside may stick out while your chest presses forward. The contrast creates an illusion of a smaller waist. So overall you appear very sexy and smart as a lady to anyone that comes across you.

We have taken you through reasons  fashionistas across the globe have embraced block heels, and why the shoes have great hit on social media platforms, especially instagram. Looking through the above mentioned reasons you would agree with us that block heels are worth been crazy about! So its high tome you got yours.

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