Make up kIts
Make up kIts

Makeup are beauty enhancers that can be found in  almost every female’s  room. Some even go as far as carrying it around so they can retouch their face  when necessary.

Divas as young as   10 apply make up, especially when going for a particular event. Make up doesn’t just make you look beautiful, it matches your accesories, accenuating your general outlook.

It is quite normal for females to share make up. Ever had a friend come for a sleep over and you guys decide to try making each other up? Ever been to weddings where the bridesmaids hurry to get dressed and end up sharing each other’s makeup? Ever gone for a makeover and the make up artist decides to use tools tat she has used for other people?. It is everywhere.  Everyone wants to make each other up and no one wants to acknowledge the dangers that might be associated with this act.

Many females, before buying any make up item prefer to try it on before the actual purchase. This is majorly the case for lipsticks and in some cases, foundations.

This might come as bad news but sharing makeup is actually dangerous to your health!. You might be wondering.”how come? Its just makeup? Its not like I am putting it in my mouth!”
Well, make up sharing can cause skin irritations and in intense cases, skin problems like herpes. Sharing isn’t ideal or cool when you develop pink eye or a herpes or other scary diseases that will be listed in this article.if you don’t think sharing makeup is dangerous, then you need to read the tips below:

Breeding ground for bacteria
Makeup is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Because they are micro organisms that thrive excellently on moist environment, they can be aerobic or anaerobic but the water factor is still constant. This is because water is one of the major component of their cells and internal structure as a whole. This makes them very attracted to water.
Most makeup items, including lipstick are water based and usually moist Including that lipstick you like so much.

Even the ‘dry’ lipsticks that are trending are still susceptible to this. They come in moist forms don’t they?. Still think of sharing?.
Bacteria gets accumulated in these areas especially when they are left open.
Each day, lipsticks run across dry, chapped, sore, irritated skin, and is constantly exposed to different micro organisms that are present in the skin.
You have no idea how your friend uses these make up items. You might go to the mall and decide to do a test run, not knowing who has used the lipstick, how the person has used it or what kind if disease the person has, and you just try it on just like that.

Even your brushes are not free from this. They also run over the skin and due to the bristles which allow for air circulation, they are most ideal for bacteria growth.
You might not get infected owing to your strong immune system or adaptability to that disease, but your friend can. So why not just keep yourself and your friend away from danger by keeping these make up items to yourself. You would be doing a whole lot of good.
Lets examine the dangers associated with each makeup items :

 1. Eye make up.
Eye make up can lead to pink eye.
Your eyes are the most delicate features of your face and also the most susceptible to bacterial attacks, owing to its constantly moist state.
You eye liners often come in contact with your eyes, most especially when trying to line your ‘waterline’ 70% of the time, your pencil liner end up touching your eye balls or the inner skin of the eye sockets.

Sharing of fashion lenses too are disastrous. In this case, the lenses come in direct contact with the eyeball itself, covering about 50 percent and is usually placed directly in front if the iris that is responsible for vision.
For cases of previously affected eyes, this may lead to bacterial build up as bacteria can get trapped behind the lens and flourish excellently owing to the perfect breeding ground.

According to dermatologists, sharing of eye make up like eye liners, mascara and eyeshadow can be disastrous. Even the eyelash brush is susceptible to this.
The worst if these is sharing of lenses. They can lead to bad eye infection, including boils, pink eye, flat warts, styles and other bacterial infections which in extreme cases can lead to blindness.
The eyes are very delicate and need to be treated with utmost care. Take care of your eyes, avoid sharing make up

2. Borrowed lip stick
Lip sticks can come in very fashionable colours that might tempt you into borrowing, but you have to resist. Each day, lipsticks run across dry, chapped skin that might even have sores or infections, you may never know.
You may say your friend do sent have any infection but she may be a carrier. Carriers are individuals that Barbour and are able to transmit a particular disease or organism without getting infected themselves. You might never know why she might be carrying. To save yourself the trouble, keep that beautiful lip color to yourself.
Sharing of lipsticks can lead to an infection called ‘cold sores. According to dermatologists, cold sores can stay with you for life if you are not careful.

When buying a lipstick from the mall or where ever, you don’t need to apply it directly to your lips. You can make a quick dab on your hand. That is after cleaning with a cotton wool.

You can also contact the herpes simplex virus that also accompanies cold sores. Remember, the herpes simplex virus have no cure so why not keep that lip color and save your self life visits to the doctor, which would definetly cost a lot.

Even without sharing, it is still quite dangerous to leave your lipstick open, bacteria can breed in it. As soon as your lipstick loses its cover, the best option is to throw it away. Why ever do you think they come with covers in the first place if not to protect you?. Also, it is not advisable to allow your lipstick stay for too long. A year at most is ideal. No need to start passing it down to other generations.

3. Makeup testers.
According to research, make up testers are the easiest ways in which bacterial infections spread. Instead of even swabbing it in your hand, you could use a cotton wool, instead of dipping your hand in. Please don’t try to apply it directly in your face, most deadliest infections can easily be transmitted through cosmetics.

If you don’t have a foundation brush, don’t use someone else’s. It is better to do without than to visit the doctor for life. Although it is fun, it us also dangerous.

4.Sharing of brushes
You might feel you are quite meticulous in keeping your brushes or make up items clean, you have no way if knowing how your friend handles each product. Whether the person leaves it open or even drops it on the ground, you have no way of knowing.

Bottles of make up can still harbour bacteria owing to the constant presence if final spores, not to talk of brushes.
The make up items are directly applied on this brushes and they end up having direct contact with the skin.

Some issues that can arise from sharing make up  are :

1. It  can  cause the build up of staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus epidermidis which may hide in you make up as spores, waiting for the right moment to spur into action.

2. It  can make your acne worse. Although acne is not contagious, it can still be irritated, which will worsen the whole situation. This is majorly caused by sharing of brushes or powder foam. This is because they have excellent retaining ability and can retain someone else’s oil which can contain bacteria.

The above are issues you can face for sharing makeup so you have to stop doing that. If you won’t like to say no to  people   when they ask you can buy an extra skit for that purpose that you will give them anytime they ask. 

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