Nigerian upcoming artist who goes by the name Saeon moruda resurface, but what we didn’t know all along is that she has been battling with endometriosis, cystic ovary and fibroid.

We all wondered what happened to her, as it seems she dropped off the scene just like that, however on Saturday, 10th of March, the singer took to her Instagram page to share her ordeal in recent times, describing it as the hardest period of her life.

In her post, she not only speaks of her experience, she also explains what the conditions are and the effect they had on her.Saeon Moruda is a young talent in the music industry, a lady whose first mention in mainstream media were unconfirmed reports of being in a relationship with actor, model and singer, Uti Nwachukwu.

She scored a song release, ‘Boogie Down’, a collaboration with Wizkid. That song introduced her to everyone as she worked hard at promoting, performing, and getting her face into the media.

However after the collaboration with Wizkid, Saeon and Wizkid were embroiled in a media war after Saeon called out the “Ojuelegba” crooner saying he charged her N1.5m for his feature on her song ‘Boogie Down’, and didn’t promote the single when it dropped.

Although, in an interview with DJ Abrantee on Capital XTRA, Wizkid claimed he doesn’t charge artistes for collaborations.

Saeon has been at her game for a long time, with 2008 being the year she began to release music  on a professional level.

The singer and rapper took the long route to this path, getting a Masters from the US, and going through the time-tested crucible of talent – rap competitions.

Returning to Nigeria in 2012 had Saeon at crossroads. A tomboy, with the swag of a rapper, the voice of an R&B singer, and musical orientation and skill that was far from the local influences and tastes, she began the process of immersing herself into the scene, soaking up opinions about her craft, and in an effort to blend into the scenery, lost her true essence. Gone was the tomboy-rap, in came forced sexiness and a desire to blend.

Her song ‘Boogie down’ was a hit, with the controversy being a blessing and a curse. Saeon has been continously working her way up as a unique artiste, digging into her past to create the future.  The backpack is back, the cascading locks are back, and the tomboy swag is even better. The singer has also gone back to her original music, with intent on being true to herself. Hopefully we will be hearing more from this young talent musically admist the health challenges she has battled with.

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