Putting on a nice looking pair of shoes is a great way to complement your nice outfit and accessories. But it is always embarrassing to curtail with the awful  smell that  comes out from the shoes you don’t take proper care of.

Infact sometimes the bad odour  can hinder you  from  slaying in an outfit like you love to with your shoes.

Now that  sneakers are trending and almost  everybody are rocking them, more people  will  be faced  with  this problem. As much as some people try to save their feet from getting contaminated  with smell, the heat from that can even lead to bacteria forming and this can cause skin problems.

Below are some tips we gathered from our research that can help you manage  keep  your shoes smelling  fresh :


1. Always wash your feet thoroughly

When you  put on  smelling  shoes, the bacteria on your feet will  keep multiplying, so you need to be washing your feet regularly to help combat the embarrassing odor.

While bathing, always apply soap on your soles, and don’t forget to apply it in between your toes as well.

After thorough rinsing, ensure you   completely dry your feet and dont forget to rinse your toes before wearing your  shoes.

2. Don’t wear the same shoes consecutively in two days

Just like you, almost everyone have their favorite pair of  shoes that they love to rock everyday.

But wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row is a fast call to stink. This is because  wearing them back-to-back does not give your shoes enough time to completely dry out from the previous day’s wear.

So it is best to rotate  your collection so as not to repeat day after day.

3.Apply a foot powder

If you tend to experience  sweaty feet frequently matter then prevention is key. Your best bet is apply a foot powder before you put on your foot wears so your feet and shoes can stay dry throughout the day.

4. Use baking soda and coffee filter

Baking soda is a powerhouse at home and can be used to deodorize your shoes. All you need to do is a fill an unused coffee filter with baking soda and secure at the end with tape, staples, or a rubber band. Place the package in each shoe at the end of the day and the baking soda will go to work overnight.

5.Keep your shoes in resealable bag and freezer

To safe your shoes from smelling, you need to place your shoes into a large resealable bag and place it in the freezer overnight. The arctic temperatures zap bacteria and leave you with a scent-free pair in the morning.

6.Use kitty litter and panty hose

Cat litters help absorb moisture and odors to prevent your home from smelling. You can also apply in your shoes. Take worn-out stockings or mismatched socks and fill them with kitty litter. Secure with a rubber band and place in shoes at night to soak up offending smells and lingering moisture.

7.Use rubbing alcohol

Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spritz your shoes. The alcohol will kill any bacteria in sight. Just be sure not to overly saturate your shoes, but ensure you used only a littke light mist will do.

8. Use charcoal insoles

Most people are aware of the major powers of charcoal for your beauty routine, but charcoal also helps deodorize, so slipping a pair of charcoal insole into your favorite shoes will help the you eliminate any odors.You can get Charcoal insoles at any supermart close to you or shop online for one.


When you apply any of these tios, your  shoes  will  always  smell fresh and will last well.

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