Selena Gomez stars in her second campaign for the famous sportswear brand Puma. After becoming their ambassador in September 2017, the singer launched her first official campaign for the Phenom sneaker in November. And now for a great start of the year, they are once again collaborating for the Spring 2018 En Pointe collection.

Selena Gomez on Being a Fashion Newbie

“I feel confident. I feel empowered. I feel in control. I am brave. Yes, I might not be perfect, but I’m always ME. No masks, no filters, just Selena Gomez.”- Selena expressed her confident attitude in the campaign.

For the ballet-inspired collection, Puma teamed up with some of the most popular dancers from the New York City Ballet. They collaborated closely in creating a line of sportswear, both modern and comfortable enough for their needs. These strong women spend many hours rehearsing in the studio, so they need the right sportswear, especially sneakers to provide them the right support. Puma met all of their requirements and released a line for everyone who wants to feel like a ballerina in real life.

“Her fearlessness is reflected onto the collection with bold, statement pieces that command attention. Never boring. Never the same. Always on point. The PUMA En Pointe collection showcases linear elements, wide strapping, and woven details pulled from ballet technique: long lines, dynamic flexibility, and powerful movement.”- the brand said about their ambassador and the new collection.

In the Shots by photographer, Alberto Turincio, Selena showed how a sportswear line inspired by ballet can become a signature staple outside of the dancing room. The gorgeous singer sported feminine athleisure outfits, mostly pastel pink, gray and black. Although the collection presents a wide range of separates including chic mesh leggings, cropped sweatshirts, light-weight bras, the focus in the campaign is set on the sneakers.

The En Pointe collection is out for sale online at The prices are affordable, so you can steal Selena’s looks with pieces that cost between $35 and $130.

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