No one is going for wears with multicolored vertical or horizontal lines that can be straight or arranged in a criss-cross manner anymore, stars are the new stripes.
Forget about the straight lines that are unsuitable for tall and lanky individuals and some body types, especially plump body types, think stars.
They are no longer found only on cups or tarrot cards, star themed fashion pieces are now in vogue.

Even celebrities and fashionista are beginning to recommend them as a must have for every wardrobe.
Asides the fact that they are fashionable, those beautiful white lights that brightens up the sky, at times shooting across the sky have been associated with good luck in many parts of the world.

Stars have been said to mean many different things amongst each tribe and culture.
For tarrot card readers, stars mean spirituality, hope, renewal and serenity.
In some parts, they have been associated with good luck, especially when seen shooting across the sky.
Stars have been used to mean many thing and is no longer associated with superstitious beliefs alone but has been incorporated in our everyday life and fun activities.

On the snap chat application, a gold star signifies popularity while a cluster signifies a group chat.
On Tinder, it means ‘super like’
It has been used in Hollywood Boulevard in marble and brass color hues to represent celebrity.
On the United States flag, one white flag has been used to represent 50 states.
It has even been used by uber to signify your late night mannerisms. It was only a manner of time before it would become a trendy fashion theme and this year, it is.

Stars have found their way on many fashion items including dresses, shirts, jewelries, shoes and even bags. Here are some of the star themed wears you can get for yourself:

1. Dresses
This is the most exotic of all star themed fashion pieces.
Star themed are mostly found on dark colored dress. Not only are they perfect, they contrast nicely against the dark background.
The stars are usually arranged in intriguing patterns around the clothing, contrasting starkly and beautifully against the background which can be black, brown leather navy blue. Although the navy blue color is most preferred because it correctly represents the the color of the night.

Most of these star themed dresses are ideal for use as evening dresses or outdoor night events.

Star themed shirts also come in these same color hues. Can be worn by men or women, men especially as they are not too flashy and enhances the masculinity.. They can be worn as day or evening wears by men, paired with a good pair of chinos trousers or Jean.
You can guess that these would fast become a trend amongst celebrities

2. Star jewelries
These have become the norm especially amongst females.
At jewelers Astley Clarke, they account for about 5% of the sales and are affordable as well as they are stylish.
Stars earrings are suitable for any event, coming in gold or silver colors and may or may not be studded with precious stones.

Star shaped pendants are fast rising amongst jewelries, owing majorly to the superstitious beliefs surrounding stars.
Most people wear it as a good luck charm while others wear it just for the fact that it is a fashionable piece

Star themed bags produced by prominent designers like Christian Dior have been produced and seen fast sales, not just for being a trendy piece it is also viewed as a good luck charm

3. Star themed shoe.
Although not popular amongst heels, stars themed sneakers are currently in vogue, especially as they are being designed by more prominent designers.
Exotic designs and colors of star themed sneakers are available.

Now lets enlighten you on reasons you should go for a star themed fashion piece
1. They are unique
Everyone wants to set a personal fashion trend. Star themed fashion pieces are unique and enables one stand out perfectly.
They are not rampant and also gives you a mysterious aura. They are timeless lieces that rarely goes out if fashion. If you are tired of wearing yours, you can simply keep yours for a few years and then start wearing it again.

2. They are perfect forĀ  evening outings
Owing to the dark background, usually navy blue or black, they are perfect for use as evening clothes. Either an evening event or a evening outdoor party. They blend well, yet ensuring an air of style.
They also contrast nicely with the complexion and can be worn by anyone. They are ideal for light skinned Individuals and contrast in a way that they are not too glaring against the skin of darker complexioned individuals.


If you have no star themed wears, you better get yourself one today!

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